Saturday, June 30, 2012

Up & At 'Em

got any treats?
i sit pretty

june 30 -- friend, with treats
We got up early and zoomed off to the Farmer's Market early because it's easier for Durwood to breathe when it isn't too hot.  I was surprised at how crowded it was at 7:15 AM, but we managed to park fairly close, then get his 3# bag of tomatoes, 3 zucchini for a buck, and a cucumber & some Roma tomatoes for my lunches next week.  I'll be slathering pesto hummus on a toasted sandwich thin and then topping it with sliced cukes and tomato.  That makes me two Grandpa Gerst (open face) sandwiches for a very satisfying and good looking lunch, with a bowl of fruit on the side, I'm all set.  Of course we had $$ for an egg roll for him and crab rangoons for me.  I asked him to hold mine while I drove home and now he wants to share them next week and not get an egg roll.  *sigh*  I knew that'd happen if I let him hold them, but I guess I can sacrifice and eat 3 instead of 4.  They're kind of big and I was thinking of ordering just 2 today anyway, of course I didn't, but I can share.  Reluctantly, but I can.  Yoga was good last night, a more active practice again.  My lower back's a bit stiff today but I know it'll ease in a day or so.  No biggie.  What was different last night was that a friend of Mardi's offered to come and play music for us while we worked out.  It was a bit odd and disconcerting to have him sitting up in the front of the room strumming away.  I found it harder to pull my focus in and not be conscious of him there, but I managed after a while.  It was good to get sweaty and work my muscles.  I always feel so relaxed and so limber after yoga.  Be bendy, that's what Mardi says.  She's starting another community yoga practice in a park along the river in July.  The only drawback is that it's at 6:30 A.M.  I'd love to give doing yoga outside a try.  I wonder if I can get up and out to do it?  I'll think about it.  Yesterday was filled with appointments so we both stopped to let Porter out just after noon.  I handed Durwood my camera so I've got some shots of me playing with her.  Today's Photo A Day theme is "friend" and I have a progression of photos leading up to the official one.  I know, I know, I didn't take these photos but I'm in them so I'm counting it.  If you think that's cheating, you play along in July and see how challenging some of those innocent little themes can be.

June 30--Egypt, Cairo, The Mamluk Carpet.  We treated that red and blue carpet like an indoor hopscotch game.  Around the center diamond there were eight-pointed stars between designs that looked like wheels and spokes.  We used stone tile coasters as tokens.  We'd stand on one of the corners and slide our tile onto one motif after another, then we'd hop from space to space around the center.  Julian and Amelia were the best.  They'd keep their turns going so long that I'd get tired of waiting.  Usually I'd be lying under the marquetry table asleep when one or the other of them won the game with me not needing to play one minute to lose.

That's all folks.  I think I'm going to go play with fabric, and I might mow the lawn later when the sun's going down.  I've been trying to remember when I last mowed... I don't think it was in June.  That's how dry it is.  Can you imagine?  Is this 4th of July weekend or is it next weekend?  With the actual day on Wednesday how do you know?

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