Friday, June 1, 2012

Hooray, Hooray, the First of... June?

Can it be?  Yep, that's what all the calendars say so it must be true.  Fourteen more Fridays until I go to The Clearing for a week of meditation in the woods.  (but who's counting)  Okay, really it's a week of Quiet Writing Time, talks and wine with friends old & new, campfires and laughs, and freakin' outstanding food that I don't have to plan, cook, or clean up after (not that I do at home these days since Durwood's taken over those jobs, hallelujah, but you get the point).  I sent in the final, paid-in-full check up to Kathy in the office last month so I don't have to wonder how I'll pay for it and so all my "extra" money can go right into the "Bus Trip to Nova Scotia with Cookie & Skully in August 2013" fund.  The concept of having extra money just makes me giggle and kind of boggles my mind.  Did we ever think when we were in our 20s and 30s that we'd have extra money someday?  No.  I totally credit Durwood with being so focused on paying the bills, keeping them paid, and gently lecturing me on the value of saving instead of spending with our current financial health and my own tenuous grasp on saving up for something that big.  I've said it before and I'll say it again (probably a bazillion times), he's a keeper.  It's a cool and breezy day today, supposed to barely crack 60 degrees, so I'm planning to work on my sewing project the rest of the day.  I'm determined to get it done this weekend, today if possible.  Today's the first day of fat mum slim's June Photo A Day challenge, the theme is "morning" and I have 2 images that really say morning to me.  (are you really surprised that I'm stretching the rules?)  First is Durwood's bed head and second is the pair of crossword puzzles we do every day.  What says morning to you?

June 1--Richard Wilson, Lake Nemi and Genzano from the Terrace of the Capuchin Monastery.  I love sitting on the terrace looking at the lake.  Every day it's different.  The light changes by the hour and the mist rolls up toward my perch blanketing the world before me.  I couldn't keep running so I ditched the stones and settled here.  The Capuchins aren't as isolated and naive as some of the other orders.  They're shrewd men with no illusions why a person like me settles in a cultural backwater like this.  I offered to do keep their books but was quietly rebuffed.  I am compiling an inventory of the art and antiques in the monastery so there is a little beauty that I can enjoy, aside from the ravishing surroundings.

God, my knees are aching today.  If only the weather would stop changing like a 'tween changes outfits... Off to sew and fling the laundry around.

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Aunt B said...

I'm assuming that picture out the window was taken at The Clearing last year. No wonder you're anxious to get up there. Looks beautiful.