Wednesday, June 20, 2012


It's the longest day of the year, well, the longest daylight day of the year.  That means that today the long downward slide toward the winter solstice starts.  You know, that's not bad if you think about it; there's the long lead-up to today and the long decline to the shortest day, but we only spend one day of 365 (or 366 since it's Leap year) longest or shortest.  I need to not focus on what's way down the calendar, to enjoy today.  And I plan on it.  It's going to be another hot and muggy one, but I get to go to work so I don't have to sit out in it until time for the City Band concert.  It'll be a scorcher but tonight they're playing Cole Porter songs and I love them so I'm going.  I'll take an extra cold bottle of water.  Maybe I'll slip one into the freezer at work when I get there and take it along tonight.  And I plan to wear a tank top under a shirt with sleeves for working in the air-conditioning so I can take it off at the park.  Good plan, don't you think?  Today's Photo A Day theme is "fave photo you've taken" and I knew just which one to choose.  I took it while diving at Playa Chachacha in Bonaire, on a dive when I took over 100 photos in a hour, 111 as a matter of fact.  I wish I was right there right now swimming in the cool, clear, salty water trying to capture another fave photo instead of in the corner of the bedroom typing away on my laptop.  I sewed the second June quilt block yesterday afternoon so now I'm caught up, but that also means that I don't have a quilt block to sew until the first of July.  Hmm, now what can I make?  Made DIL1's birthday purse, sewed & delivered DD's prayer flags, made a fish shirt for Durwood for Father's Day, sewed seven (7!!!) quilt blocks.  Check, check, check, and check.  Guess I'll just troll through my books and patterns to see what strikes me.  Any suggestions?

June 20--Amish Maker, Quilt, Sunshine & Shadow Pattern.  The scrap of fabric gave away her hiding place.  She had bolted from the house when his car turned into the drive off the county two-lane.  She flew down through the orchard, her feet barely touching the dried grass, and she wriggled into the gap between the brooder house and the shed.  While he was gone she'd stashed a few things-bottles of water, raisins, crackers, some beef jerky in an old Postum instant coffee jar, and a scrap of a quilt that had seen better days.

Now, that's better, and it would have been more and better if I hadn't fallen dead asleep almost as soon as I got going.  Going to bed before 10 o'clock seems like a punishment, like a kid thing, so I resist, but then I conk right out.  Yet another thing in my brain I need to change...

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