Sunday, June 10, 2012

Going Diving Today

I've got my gear all packed and in Beverly with my tank and weights, so I'm just about ready.  I've got a couple bottles of water half-frozen so I'll have cold water to drink.  Ready, set, dive!  Yay!  Then after we've dived T&B and K&D will be coming over for brats and homemade beans.  Oh, and that Rhubarb Cheeseacke.  I'll be sure to pursue a thorough investigation of the wisdom of combining those two ingredients.  Last night's New Job & DIL1's 27th Birthday (I don't even remember being that young, do you?) party was fun, delicious, and hot.  Luckily there was shade and a good breeze so  we visited and ate, talked and laughed until Durwood's allergies made it too hard for him to breathe outside so we came home.  All the pollen and molds outside when it's hot and humid fire up his allergies something terrible but, thankfully, getting back into the filtered and air conditioned air makes it all better.  Whew.  The Mexican Rice I made was a big hit; I especially liked the watermelon salad with balsamic vinegar dressing.  Yummy.  I have to just close my eyes when I get onto the Wii Fit cafeteria tray thingy this weekend because of all the goodies I've been eating the last couple days.  I'll climb back onto the "good girl" wagon on Monday.  Cross my heart.

June 10--Attributed to Duncan Phyfe, Sofa.  The curved and reeded legs swept up to curve like a breaking wave, giving the sofa the look of movement despite its formal setting.  The caned back and sides did not invite relaxation.  People who sat on the silver silk brocade seat sat upright with their ankles crossed like ladies.  Those sensuous curve said a lot about the repressed emotions of the day.  Lucia carried her book and tea on a tray into the parlor when the Duncan Phyfe presided.  She tried to settle on the sofa, tried to find a comfortable position for reading but the cushion was thin and the upholstery so slick that when she leaned on the bolster it squirted out, nearly knocking over her teacup.
Something interesting needs to happen on that sofa when I write about it tonight.  Don't you agree?  Today's Photo A Day theme is "best bit of your weekend."  I'll be waiting until the end of today to commit to an image, but here's one candid from yesterday.  Enjoy your Sunday, peoples.

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