Saturday, June 2, 2012

Going Out With Farmer Mitch

Well, not like a date, of course, there's Durwood to think about, but my friend Mitch said last night at knitting that he wants to go to the Botanical Garden's plant sale today, I want to go too so we're going together, that's all.  (boy, you sure jump to conclusions)  Mitch tends a big community garden patch (or two) and gives a lot of his produce to Goodwill's Harmony Cafe so they put a big "thank you, Farmer Mitch" note to him up on a board all summer.  I'm looking for different kinds of basil and a Persian melon plant for Durwood, don't know what Mitch's looking for but he found a list of mosquito repellent plants and I suspect that's what he's after.  I'm not planning on filling my remaining empty pots there because I'm certain that I can buy a few (red) flowering annuals at Stein's much cheaper.  Much.  But it'll be fun to go and look at all the ideas and different plants on sale and see the demos and hear the music.  Besides what else do I have to do today?  (have you seen my list?)  Durwood's off to have breakfast with a few cronies from when he worked the Census in 2000.  They meet on the first Saturday of the month at a hospital cafeteria (good cheap food) and solve the problems of the world for a few hours.  Today's also the first Farmer's Market of the season.  Hmm, maybe Mitch would like to go, better put my market basket into Beverly.  Durwood hinted last week that he wouldn't say no to another wild summer shirt handmade by yours truly and if it happened to arrive on Father's Day that'd be good.  Funny, I might have the perfect length of fabric down in the stash.  Isn't that lucky?  I think I'll tuck the pattern, fabric, pins & scissors, oh and marking tools, into a bag to take to work on Monday so I can cut on the big tables in back.  Or if I don't get to go diving tomorrow I'll cut it out downstairs on my not-quite-as-big table from Mom.  Better make sure the fabric's prewashed today.  Now, I should have thought of that yesterday when I was doing all the laundry, shouldn't I?  Ah, well, can't think of everything.  I did manage to finish the sewing project I needed to finish.  It turned out beautifully, everyone at Knitting last night oohed and ahed over it.  (d'ya ever have a dream that hung on into the morning? I dreamt about DD & DS going to a dance class on the second floor of a Broadway St. building and they were little kids and I was protective of them [big surprise, mama tiger here, always was] it never happened but it just isn't leaving me alone)  Today's Photo A Day June's theme is "empty."  Initially I'd thought I'd take the next day's picture the day before since I blog early in the morning but now I think that kind of misses the point, so I took another one (actually, Tanya, I took two) that screams empty to me.

June 2--Jean Hey, Margaret of Austria.  Meg had a hard time sitting still.  It was so boring to just sit there, she'd rather be out playing.  It was a beautiful day and even in this time of year there weren't that many beautiful days.  She could be out climbing trees and walls or catching butterflies.

And that's when the pencil went out of control making "she's asleep again" squiggles all over the page.  Ah well, I guess I'm not a night owl anymore.  *sigh*

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