Monday, June 11, 2012

The Best Bit of My Weekend

I was too bone tired last night after everyone left to even think about sitting here, downloading and touching up the day's photos, and then choosing one for the Photo A Day file, so you get it today.  Here it is; it's the dive gear after we got out of the water.  I had a blast yesterday.  We (K, D & me) drove up to Sturgeon Bay (takes about an hour), met T & B, did a 60 minute dive in 68 degree water (how did it get 14 degrees warmer in only 2 weeks?) on which we saw about 100 bass of all sizes, one walleye, and one sucker.  Then we sat in the warm wind to eat our sub lunch, drove back home to shower and rinse gear then the two couples came here for brats, homemade baked beans (which were delicious), rhubarb cheesecake (just as fantabulous as I'd imagined), and lots of talk.  I put the leftover pan of Mexican rice into the oven to warm and promptly forgot all about it until after dessert.  We need to get together again--without the rice snafu.  It's supposed to rain today.  Hallelujah.  It's so dry that one of my Asian lily plants just up and laid down yesterday.  I've got the sprinkler out there trying to revive it but I think it's done for the season.  I also took five minutes to trim my chrysanthemums in the front; they were blooming.  (Not now, foolish flowers, you're fall flowers to cheer up the house when all the summer flowers have faded. tsk.)  You know, I still have moments when I'm diving when I marvel that someone as dorky as me can do something as cool as scuba dive.  I mean, there I was, we all were really, neutrally buoyant and swimming along 23 feet underwater, breathing happily and watching the sunshine sparkle on the algae and the bass going about their business.  We saw some shipwreck bits and part of an old pier.  Only the cool kids do stuff like that, right?

June 11--Duncan Phyfe, Sofa.  Lucia retrieved the bolster and pounced back onto the sofa, punching the pillow behind her back.  She was determined to bend the uncomfortable thing to her will.  She couldn't imagine why anyone made a sofa that wasn't nice to sit on.  It seemed a shame to waste all that wood and craftsmanship on something meant to just sit there.

I'm sad to say that "the tired" overtook me at that point.  I awoke 30 minutes after writing the last word to remove my glasses and turn out the light.  Lucia'll just have to fend for herself on this one.  I'm off to drink coffee with Durwood and attempt to vanquish the crossword puzzles of the day... although it is Monday and Monday's crosswords are historically the easiest ones of the week.  I was mighty proud and a little amazed that I nearly finished the Mensa weekend one on Saturday evening.  I never have any luck with that one without a lot of peeking at the solution.  Off to the wars.


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