Sunday, June 24, 2012


See? Not only underpants.
Friday night Mardi was back at Friday Night Knitting so we had yoga again.  I love Friday Night Yoga.  It's the best five bucks I spend all week.  Lately we've been doing what Mardi calls "yin yoga" (I'm sure she's not the only one who calls it that) which is more about stretching and holding poses since one of our regulars has fybromialga so the stretching's better for her than more active practice.  And it's just as effective for the rest of us too.  Last Friday that person was at her daughter's wedding (understandable) so we had a more active practice.  I felt great.  I was able to lower myself to the mat from plank instead of dropping and flopping, so I did it a bunch of times.  (actually Mardi made me, made us, she's a slave driver, that Mardi)  Along about noon yesterday various muscles that have been quiet for years woke up and gave notice and more muscles chimed in throughout the day.  Every time I moved I'd find a new place that I hadn't been aware of before.  Ow.  But a good ow.  I like it when my body can do things that it couldn't before.  I love that I'm more bendy than before.  I love how yoga makes the end of my week feel and how it sends me into the weekend and the work week in a relaxed frame of mind.  All that for the low, low price of only five bucks.  Totally worth it.  Totally.  Today's Photo A Day theme ,"on your mind," got me thinking about what is on my mind.  At first I thought nothing was on my mind, well, nothing noteworthy, then I realized that my sore muscles from Friday's yoga practice were bringing to a head my self-dissatisfaction regarding my eating and working out.  Let's be honest, I've been slacking.  Badly.  And I have been trying to figure out how to wrench myself back onto (or at least in the vicinity of) the straight and narrow.  Early this morning it occurred to me that I was most successful when I tracked what I was eating and how I was working out on a piece of paper stuck to the cupboard door.  Granted I was following an old Weight Watchers Quick Start plan which is much more restrictive food-wise, but I think a tangible, out in plain sight tracking might help me stick to my guns a bit better even following the more relaxed Points Plus plan.  It's pretty darned easy to delude myself that I'm not going over my points when I don't go online and track them.  I can't imagine that I'm any better at keeping track of the points in my head when I complain all the time that my brain's turned from Velcro to Teflon in the last 15 years or so.  So, I made a little assembly of our WW Points cookbooks, the points book, the points calculator, a tracking form that Durwood made (which I think I want revamped so I have to write in what I eat and put in a line for daily workouts), and the Wii Fit Plus program which lets me workout in the living room in my underpants (sorry, don't poke your mental eyes out with a stick, I wear more than that, really), and that's what I took a picture of.  Food is what is on my mind and how to manage it to my best advantage so I took a picture of the tools I need to get back to being the boss of what I eat instead of the other way around.  I'm a 60-year-old woman, I need to be in charge, not sway in the wind of my base desires.  So there.  Now that I've committed to all that confident change and resolve to get back to "the straight and narrow" and put it on here where you're all witnesses, I have to confess that tonight is Suds & Cinema (The Blues Brothers  "We're on a mission from God.") down at Titletown Brewing where DS makes the beer (and root beer too).  I'm meeting Z-Dawg and Cookie there and will order a frosty root beer and some sweet potato fries (that clunk you hear is me falling off the wagon) but I'll be clambering right back on come Monday morning, which is weigh-in day and the actual start of my food plan & workout week.  I'm giving myself today to drag my inner 9-year-old kicking and screaming back into her cage so that the 60-year-old can be the boss again--for a while.

June 24--Mexico, Olmec, Baby Figure.  Julian left before the sun was fully risen.  He took his briefcase and managed to drive away without waking her.  Carol jerked awake, her left arm flung out reaching for him.  His pillow was cold.  What time was it?  She squinted at the blue LCD numerals on her alarm clock.  Seven-fifteen.  When had he left?  She vaguely remembered screaming at him about one of his partners.  Oh, she had drunk way too much wine last night.  What was it about Andrew Larsen that had made her so angry?  She tottered into the bathroom for some aspirin.  Good old aspirin washed down with a gallon of water can cure anything.  Well it was a start, anyway.

Haven't got a clue where that came from or where it's going.  I'm going to wake up Durwood and make some caprese salads for us for lunch.  You're jealous, aren't you?  Deal.

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