Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yawn... Sorry, It's That Kind Of Day

Oh, that's funny... I've yawned twice, maybe three times now that I've typed the word.  (Darned things sure are contagious.)  I went outside to water the plants early yesterday and a few blueberries were ripe and ready for picking.  Yay!  I plonked them into my Cheerios; they were yummy.  More to come.  I want to remember to put some more acid enhancing fertilizer on them this weekend.  This year seems like a growth year for them so I want them to be happy out there.  Even though my friend Cookie decided not to go, I went to the City Band concert last night anyway.  It was a mistake.  I left early with a raging heat-headache that sent me to the freezer to find a frozen fruit pop to try to cool off once I got home.  Even being in the air conditioning again didn't take it away totally.  Aleve only helped a bit.  I finally went to bed and slept it away.  (Smart girl, that Cookie.)  The reason I went was that I heard on the news yesterday AM that they were playing Cole Porter songs.  I love Cole Porter songs, I like to sing along.  I thought that meant it would be a program of Cole Porter songs, it wasn't.  It was a replay of the 50th anniversary concert in 1952 that included a Cole Porter medley.  Once that was over I picked up my knitting (who knits wool when it's 90 degrees? me, evidently, but I wasn't the only knitter I could see, there were at least 2 others there.) and came home to try and get cool.  It was an uphill battle; even Durwood had his shirt off and he's always chilly.  Today's Photo A Day theme is "where you slept."  I never thought I'd take a picture of an unmade bed, but here it is.  It's nowhere near my fave photo of the month, not even close.  Maybe last night's heat melted part of my brain but I couldn't even think of a clever way or angle from which to make the photo.  I just stood in the doorway and snapped.  Maybe because a made bed is one of my ways of feeling that the house is tidy.  That and a cleaned off counter in the kitchen; if those two things are done I feel like the house isn't a pit.  It was so hot yesterday that the air conditioner ran the whole day at work and I couldn't wear the overshirt I brought to wear over my tank top.  Usually the a/c makes me chilly when I just sit there, yesterday it didn't.  Did. Not.  Today it's supposed to only hit about 80 and the humidity is dropping, thank god.  It was too hot and muggy to even think.  I feel like I should just lie down for a few days to recover.  Maybe with a cool cloth on my forehead...

June 21--Edouard Manet, The 'Kearsarge' at Boulogne.  That day the water was a blue green color that made it look like it came straight from a glacier.  Ed and Manny raised the walnut brown sails and felt the wind fill them and smooth out the ride.  Now that they rode on the back of the wind, the sea lay down before them, or at least it felt like it.  They had spent most of the season sailing in their roomy bay but now it was time to steer Time Waste out into the lake.  The Great Lakes were like an inland sea that lapped at the shore less than five miles from their homes which allowed them the illusion that the wide world lay at their doorsteps.  All they had to do was sail out to meet it.

No good is going to come of that feeling, I can just tell.  You have a good day, and stay cool.  I feel a "right hand temple clamp" coming on.  Time for another Aleve.  (that stuff is magic)

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Aunt B said...

Ohhhhh, you definitely need to lie down with a cool cloth on your head! I hate days like that!!!