Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Splish, Splash, I Was Takin' A Bath...

That's the Photo A Day theme today: bathroom.  When I first saw it I thought really? you want me to take a picture in the bathroom of the bathroom?  Then I realized that parts of our lone bathroom are photogenic, well, the antique metal mesh purses and the fish watercolor over the toilet are, the rest is just porcelain, fiberglass, and vinyl.  Boring.  I love the "underwater" shower curtain; it adds a diving dimension to my morning ablutions.  It's supposed to be another hot one--or three--so the house is buttoned up and the a/c is on.  If I control the thermostat, it's cranked (well, set at 74 really but cranked sounds better, don't you think?).  If Durwood's in charge, it's usually off--and it's about 80 in here.  "Comfortable," he says.  "Freakin' hot," I say.  Guess who wins?  Me, that's who, at least when I'm home.  He can bundle up, I hate being hot. Hate it.  Oh, mama, you should have been here for supper last night.  Monday's Taste of Home recipe of the day was Irresistible Grilled Shrimp with Fruit Salsa.  I printed it off, showed it to Durwood, pleaded my case, (Durwood's a shrimp purist, he likes to taste the flavor of the shrimp instead of the spices or sauce) and we made it.  We had a pound of peeled and deveined shrimp in the freezer that we thawed out, marinated it according to the directions, and I whipped up the fruit salsa (with red pepper flakes in my half, without for Durwood).  I even remembered to thread the shrimp on 2 skewers so they were easier to turn, and they took about 5 minutes on the grill.  Easy peasy.  I thought we'd make 2 meals out of it and only served half of the shrimp at first but Durwood said, "I think shrimp would be difficult to reheat, we should eat it all."  So we did.  He made steamed parsnips and kohlrabi to go with the shrimp and they were just about right.  I liked the peppery heat and cool fruitiness of the salsa with the shrimp that's seasoned with cumin and coriander (Durwood wants to leave the spices out next time.  I can deal).  Mmm, delish.  We'll do that again.  And we'll try the fruit salsa with grilled or bbq-ed pork (Durwood's idea.), we have some left, plus it was a snap to make.  It was yummy.

June 27-- Afghanistan or Iran, Figure.  The statues in this gallery looked like they had leprosy.  "Somebody ought to take a scrub brush dipped in a little bleach to them," someone in the group said.  Angela tried to keep from rolling her eyes.  It would do no good to explain that bleach would ruin the old stone and leach out any remnants of the original paint.  She shuddered to think how many artifacts had been ruined by a meeting with an enthusiastically weilded brush.  She picked up her pace and began hurrying the group of senior citizens toward the end of the tour.  She had work to do.

I have work to do to, and I have to eat, shower, dress, and drive to get there before 10 AM so I'd better skedaddle.  Hasta la vista, babies.  Mwa.

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