Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ah, Cooler.

Last weekend we broke temp records both days.  In fact, when I got into my car Beverly to drive home after my dive on Sunday the dashboard thermometer read 99 degrees.  Ninety-nine!  I'll admit it was sitting in the blazing sun but it only cooled down to 95 on my drive across town (all of 5 miles) to our house.  This morning I had to wear my crocs and an overshirt when I went out to take lily pictures for today's Photo A Day which is "from a low angle."  These lilies are called Lipstick because of the smear of pink on the ends of all their petals.  Good name, don't you think?  I'm looking forward to the stargazers and day lilies blooming soon too, right now it's only the Asiatic lilies, but the others aren't far behind.  Yay.  I think lilies might be my favorites but don't tell the other flowers, shhh.  I'm hoping to lay in other varieties this year, ones that bloom later in the summer or rebloom so if you know of any ones that might suffice please leave a comment.  I thank you and my mid to late summer garden thanks you.  I'm back.  Did you miss me?  Since I typed that beginning I've delivered tanks for service, picked up Porter & DS, met Skully for a walk, cashed my paycheck, ate a freezer pop at DS's, then looked at our Kindles, bought birdseed, got my nails done, stopped at Aldi for fruit, came home and ate lunch.  Next I need to print off my favorite chicken soup recipe, draw up a "chores" list for one of the nail artists to copy to set up for her son, and then drive back to the salon.  (all that took me from 7:45 until 1:00) Then I'll be found downstairs sewing so I don't waste all my day off on errands.  Heh.

June 12--Robert Rauschenberg, Winter Pool.  Simmons stood at the edge of the town pool looking down at the leaf-stained water that had collected in the deep end over the winter.  That much was normal.  The small pink feet poking out of the dark brown water, little feet resting on the sloping bottom were not normal.  Definitely not normal.  Three women stood behind the fence, apart but united in the dread that those feet belonged to their missing child.  Mona on the left stood stiff as a board.  Her hands were clenched and it looked like her jaw was too.

We walked down to show DS "Boo Radley's house" which is at the edge of the river at the end of a graveled street.  I extended the leash and let Porter check out the river.  She tried to catch the little waves coming it.  Very amusing.  Okay, that's it for you.  I've got to print off that recipe, measure lines on a paper for Kim, deliver it, and then get to my sewing.  

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