Monday, June 11, 2012

Finished March *dusts off hands*

On Saturday night after DS & DIL1's picnic party I went downstairs (because it's coolest down there, even with the a/c on) and because it's been calling to me ever since I finished its sister on Tuesday, and sewed the March BOM quilt block #2.  I think it's called Broken Spiderweb.  I ironed another lb. bag of strips (even though I had enough strips ironed from the first bag), cut my base triangles, and got sewing.  I had planned to just use each fabric in turn as I'd pulled it out of the bag but that didn't work so I did a little "cherry picking" and finished it in about 2 hours.  I really like it.  It's not perfect, the points don't all meet, but I like it a lot.  And I remember being more fascinated by the places where the pieces didn't quite match up when I lay under my grandmas' quilts as a child.  I figure I'm making entertainment for a future grandchild.  I also think I finished March because I've finally had a brainstorm or two about how to make the April handsewn blocks to my liking.  I can't wait to get to the May ones, they're wonky.  Watch, all my points and seams will match up or be too straight when I'm trying to make them not.  I'm looking forward to them, though.  The June ones too.  Hey, maybe I'll get all caught up this month.

I don't have any new knitting pictures to show you.  The Maple Tree scarf got a little longer and Wingspan Redux got another triangle.  I finished Zoe's Dragonscale mitts on Friday night and handed them right to her wishing her an early birthday.  I forgot to take their picture, but I do have a photo of the first one.  The second one looks just like it.  Go figure.

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Aunt B said...

Beautiful quilt block. And I like your thoughts of a future grandchild snuggling under a quilt made by grandma. I made one for Lisabeth 22 years ago and still have LD's baby quilt around here somewhere. Some things you never throw away!!!