Monday, June 11, 2012


The Photo A Day theme today is "door."  When I read that I knew just which door I wanted to take a picture of.  This is the door to the Aqua Center, the dive shop where I work and where my husband, children, and I got certified to SCUBA dive.  Almost 22 years ago for Durwood and me.  (wow, is it really that long? 2012 -1990=22 years, yep) 

Opening that door led to this (yesterday in Sturgeon Bay):

this (a bass in Garrett Bay in 2006):

and this (my 500th dive in Bonaire in 2007):

plus a host of great family diving memories, big and small, local and foreign.  We've seen many parts of the world, both above and below the water, and it all started when I opened this door all those years ago with my knees shaking and my heart racing.  Excitement and fear were the watchwords for me during training and the first year of diving.  From then on it's been nothing but fun and excitement.  And the coolest job I'll ever have.  All from opening that one door.

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Aunt B said...

Yes, you definitely can refute that saying about "when one door closes....."