Friday, June 8, 2012

On Your Mark... Get Set... Go!

Let the crazy-busy weekend commence.  This morning we get to wish our beloved DIL1 a happy birthday.  Happy Birthday!  And while we're on that side of town we'll cruise by the Oxygen store and swap Durwood's empty-ish tanks for full ones.  I'm meeting a friend for lunch at Taste of India (ooh, can't wait for that!) and we plan to sit and knit in Barnes & Noble for a while afterwards.  Then I'll zoom home to gather up more knitting because it's Friday Night Knitting, but no yoga (boo) because Mardi's out of town.  (how dare she? I need my fix)  Tomorrow is mostly unscheduled, we do want to go to the Farmer's Market for a bag of tomatoes for Tomato Boy to munch on and I'm sure we'll have to stop for an egg roll for him and crab rangoons for me.  We're enlightened now so we skip having cheesecake on a stick for breakfast dessert.  (but I miss it sometimes)  DS & DIL1's "New Job!" Celebration picnic is at 4 PM so I'll whip up a triple batch of Mom's delicious Mexican Rice to bake and take over.  Par-tay!  Sunday I'm meeting two couples of diving friends for an early afternoon dive in Door Co. and then they're all coming back here for brats on the grill and Durwood's homemade baked beans.  Deb's making a salad that has her husband excited to have it (it must be fabulous, whenever do men of that generation get excited about salad?) and Bon's bringing homemade salsa and rhubarb cheesecake.  (RHUBARB CHEESECAKE!!!  We love both those things.  I'll report)  See why we like them?  They're also our see-you-in-Bonaire pals so we'll have lots of dives and dive sites to talk about and moon over.  I suspect I'll be glad to go to work on Monday to relax.  There was no to-do list at work yesterday.  Mrs. Boss came in for an hour or so to get a package of regulators boxed up and sent back to Madison; she didn't give me anything to do then either, so I traced hexagons onto card stock, cut them out, and then cut out fabric to baste over them.  See?  I have to read the directions again but I think the next step is to whip stitch them together and then applique them onto background fabric.  (I'm assuming that the paper comes out at some point before they're appliqued... I hope)  I'm happy with my decision to use only the biggest hexagon instead of those piddly little ones in the pattern (three quarters of an inch? no, thank you) and I might just make one gigantic one from that mishmash fabric I bought last month for the other block.  Maybe.  I'll think on it.  Hmm, maybe I'll make a hexagon of each aspect of it and scatter them...  Before I get too far ahead of myself I need to finish the second of the March blocks.  In all my spare time this weekend.  Yeah.

June 8--Gabon, Punu Peoples, Mask. 

Hide behind your mask
Wood, paper, paint, and pretense
Someone will see in
Someone won't be fooled
Take it back
Put it back on
It's safer in there, quiet and dim

Squint your eyes to slits,
feel the drumbeat
shiver down your spine

Those words seemed totally lame as prose, not so lame as a poem.  It's all in the arrangement of the words.  (there's a better, single word for that and damned if I can think of it now; I hate that my brain has gone from Velcro to Teflon)  Hi-O weekend, away!
--Barbara  (FORMATTING, that's the word, formatting)

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Jennifer said...

Had a great afternoon with you! Taste of India rocks!