Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Day With No Shoulds

That's what I'm aiming for today.  I'm planning to strip all the should out of my day and just pursue the want--or don't want, as the case may be.  I'll be sewing because I finished hand-sewing the April quilt block hexagons together last night at knitting circle (hey, sewing's a craft too.  shut up) And I'll need to cruise the button aisle at the fabric store later which will allow me to spend my coupons (I hate expired craft store coupons, I detest grocery coupons of any kind and resist using them), then I'll made a vat of fruit salad with my ripe pineapple, mangoes, berries--straw & blue, an orange, and peaches & kiwis if I remember to put them on a list and stop on the button run , but the world won't end if I don't.  (see that? see that lack of self-recrimination? that's personal growth, that's what I'm talking about)  (hmm, my cursor has a ghost... I wonder if that's bad)  Today's Photo theme is "out and about" but we decided that we didn't need to go to the farmer's market this morning; Durwood says he can get veggies cheaper at Woodman's and since he's the cook, I'm shutting up, not stepping up on my soapbox to lecture (rant) about supporting local farmers.  Besides we're having a drought around here and I wonder how many farmers have any produce to sell yet and Kathy at knit night complained about having to whack her way through all the craft sellers to find the produce sellers last Saturday.  We'll shoot for next weekend.  I can wait one more week for crab rangoons for breakfast.  So for today's photo(s) I went out and about in my backyard.  I give you lilies and milkweed.  I probably should (uh-oh, there's that word) get out there and weed and cut down the mostly-dead lone hedge tree-thingy but it's all growing okay (except for that high hedge columnar bush), and blooming (even the weeds are blooming), and I don't wanna.  Not today anyway.  I also want to pick up a bigger jump drive for storing things, mostly photos.  I've just about filled up the 8 GB one I'm using.  I can check at Office Depot across the backyard to see if any are on sale today and if not, I can check the ad (or have Durwood look, he likes the sale fliers in the paper) tomorrow.  They're bound to have them, right?  Those things are always on sale someplace.

June 16--Attributed to Henry William Siegel, Pocket Bottle.  The sunlight struck something buried in the sand at the edge of the beach.  The tide had receded and there was a lot of tide pool to explore but the purple sparkle caught Tally's attention.  She swing her collecting bag around so she could get out the old spoon she used for digging in the sand.  It took less than five minutes to unearth the little glass bottle.  She cupped her hand to hold it and it nestled there like it was made to fit.  It was full of sand but she couldn't see any cracks.  Mom would like the color, she knew.  Maybe she could rinse out the sand and clean it up.  Mom's birthday was coming up and Tally hadn't thought of a gift for her.  Everything she thought of was something she wanted herself.  There was a kind of flower design pressed into the glass.  Mom would like that.  She was a botanist, plants and flowers were her thing.

All right.  That's enough goofing around on the computer for the morning.  Adios!

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