Thursday, May 31, 2012

And I Got The Lawn Mowed After Work

I love it when I'm in a good mood and feel good about myself and my body.  I get so much done, and I have energy energy energy.  I got up before my alarm and did 30 minutes of Wii Fit Yoga in a silent house lit only by the filtered sunrise.  Ahh.  Can you believe that today's the last day of May already?  I can't either, but sure enough tomorrow's June 1.  That's a portentous day to anyone who was ever a kid in school.  June 1 is the de facto start of summer, when school's out and playing outside all day begins.  How did we ever let that get grownup-ed out of us?  We need to fight back, to get out our bikes (even if they're a no-speed rattletrap [which mine isn't, btw]), clip on a couple of old playing cards to brrrrap in the spokes, tuck our kites or balls & mitts or fishing poles into the basket, and set out for parts adventurous.  Let's put a pb&j or a cheese sandwich on Wonder bread into a brown paper sack with an apple for dessert and a bottle of water (or grape Nehi) in and pedal to the creek to catch polliwogs and fight off marauding pirates, play endless games of tag and hide-and-seek... not it!  And splash each other with cannonballs into the swimmin' hole--last one in's a rotten egg.  We'll race to be home before the streetlights come on, play Kick the Can or Ghost in the Graveyard in the neighborhood front yards after supper, and then catch lightning bugs in Mason jars with nail-pierced lids so we can put them on the nightstand and watch their pale lights twinkle as we fall asleep.  (see what my DD gave me for Christmas a few years back? it lives on my nightstand so I don't forget and get too grownup-py)  My friend Tanya posted about this Photo A Day challenge in June and I'm going to play along.  Hey, it's not like I don't take at least one photo a day so it's not like I'm taking on yet another "thing to do."  Now I'll just have a direction for my photo.  I'll post it on the blog (ooh, maybe I should skip ahead a day so I've got it ready in the early AM when I post...) and maybe Pinterest (if I can figure out how).

May 31--Attributed to Sahib Ram, Head of Krishna.  The sun beat down.  There was no shade and the breeze was so hot and filled with humidity that it was almost too heavy to breathe.  Rima held her hand over her eyes and groaned softly at the relief of even that small respite from the heat and glare.  "I need a drink," she said, turning in a slow circle to find a cafe.  "It's hot enough to melt pearls," said her friend Lala who mopped her face with a wet and crumpled handkerchief.  Lala cringed away from the side of the building they stood in front of feeling the heat doubled by reflection.

Oh, I think they're lost, don't you?  Lost in a hot, crowded, foreign place.  Talk about adventure.  Time to get ready for work.  You?

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