Thursday, May 3, 2012

No, I Did Not Fall Off The Planet

I just haven't been knitting or sewing or anything creative much lately so I haven't blogged.  If you get really lonely for me I blog every day over at  There're always pretty pictures.  Not of knitting, no, but of birds and dogs and garden things, ya know, stuff like that.  Today I have some knitting for you!  Real, honest to goodness knitting.  Really!

Here's the week #18 shot of the Maple Tree scarf. 

 I think I might scale back to a sock-weight brown once the leaves are leafed out since the bark kinda takes a backseat to the leaves come Summer.  Then I'll ramp the brown back up in late Autumn once the leaves start to fall and the trunk and branches are more visible.  Plus I'll be able to blend together all of the various shades of green I have assembled.  I am determined to maintain interest through the long, green time by using a lot of different shades.  We'll see how successful I am.

I'm still knitting Color Stripe Vessels.  I think #8, the orange one in the lower right, will be the last, partly because the bowl jag is lessening and partly because I am finally running out of the gray heather Cascade 220 that I'm using for the bowl bodies.  I will finish it today (yes, I will) so that I can felt tonight, let them dry, and take them to Harmony Knitting tomorrow.  At least that's what I hope.  No, that's what will happen.

Did I show you the yarn I bought at ReBelle when we were in Lexington?  It's Lana Gatto (wool cat? please tell me it's not cat hair), according to the label it's merino and silk with a little mohair thrown in for good measure.  Oooh.  She had 4 skeins on the "reduced for quick sale" table (I head right there in any shop) and I scarfed up all of them.  I'm hoping to make a Wingspan shawlette with it--hoping I have enough yarn.

I think that's everything for now.  I've got a sewing project I'm working on but it's kind of a secret.  You'll get to see it soon enough.  Patience.

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