Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back to Normal

or what passes for normal around here.  This weather just slays me.  Saturday and Sunday were hothothot, up to 90 and pretty humid, so hot that they cancelled the marathon in the middle of it, thereby stirring up one whale of a hornet's nest.  Yesterday and today it's supposed to maybe get to 70, maybe, then pop up into the 80s for a day then back down into the 70s.  Who decides this stuff?  Is someone on drugs?  Do they need them?  I shouldn't complain, it's gorgeous today.  In about an hour I'm going to pick up Porter to meet Skully and Maggie for a walk along the river.  It'll be great, cool and sunny, not smotheringly hot.  After lunch I get to go to the dentist but, hey, the day can't be all beer and skittles.  I'm looking forward to next weekend.  I should have 5 days off--Friday through Tuesday--and yesterday I invited myself along diving with Kevin & Deb.  JJ was there and wants to go too, maybe I'll call him to be my buddy since his regular buddy, Spanky's laid up with foot surgery for 12 weeks.  12 weeks!  Can you imagine?  He tore some tendons in his foot last year and didn't let them heal so they got all stretched out, now he's paying for it.  Durwood got a new fountain pump yesterday so I get to go out and play in the water getting it hooked up and running.  Maybe I'll do it right now.  Yeah, I think I will.  My writing brain was evidently off in Cancun windsurfing last night.  I stared at the picture of a blue glass bottle/vase and got nothing.  Nothing.  Ah well, it happens to the best of us.  See ya. Bye.



Jennifer said...

Beer and skittles????? Didn't the Titletown Brewery Beer and Food night teach you anything??????

Great blog post!!!

Barbara said...

Skittles the pub bowling game, not Skittles the fruity candy, silly. "Not all beer and skittles" is an expression I've learned from reading too much British fiction.