Friday, May 11, 2012

Okay, Youse Guys

This is gonna be a quickie.  I want to hit the ground running today.  It's my only day off between now and Family Supper and I need to get ready.  GET READY!  I didn't find the time to clean the daylights out of the kitchen on Tuesday, I did manage to do a teensy bit of pre-cleaning the other night after work, but I want to get back to the edges of the counters with my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (don't you love those?) today.  I've already eaten and in an hour I want to be picking up Miss Porter McPorterpants (the grand-dog) to walk with Skully & Maggie, then I'll hit the grocery for more bell peppers and some fat-free sour cream (or maybe I'll just use the no-fat Greek yogurt I got at the U Bake the other day) to make some curry dip for appetizers, hm.  Which one, which one?  Last night's Knitting Guild picnic was lovely.  Not as many people (I don't think, although the weather was better so we weren't all crammed into one room) but the food was great and the company even greater.  I find it totally engrossing that so many disparate personalities all have the same hobby.  Plus the food rocks.  Who wouldn't love a table groaning with salads of every kind and enough desserts to put the whole crowd into a coma?  We talked and ate and knitted and talked and knitted and talked... until it got too dark to knit outside.  Then we went home.  It was perfect.  Thanks, Vicki!  I just realized that either Mr. or Mrs. Boss or both were at work with me this week.  Maybe they won't be tomorrow.  Oh, wait, yes they will be because they're going to Shawano to do the annual gear service for the dive team and will be done and back long before closing time.  *sigh*  Good thing I don't get punished for knitting at work.

May 11--Greek, Hellenistic Period, Ganymede Jewelry Set.  The gold jewelry felt like boulders and chains weighing her down.  When Charles leaned over her, draping the necklace around her, Nita felt as if he had slipped a noose over her head.  "Like it?" he asked, spots of red lighting his cheeks.  She knew the right answer.  "Mm-hm.  It's lovely."  She forced her hand to reach up and touch the gold that lay cold upon her pale skin.  His hands tightened their grip on her shoulders.  "It's a copy of the Ganymede parure.  Leo had it made for Grandmother in the thirties."  He touched his lips to the pulse in her neck.  "I knew it would look right on this tender skin of yours."  His fingers caressed her, sending shivers down her legs.  She was glad to be sitting, sure that she wouldn't be able to stand with the weight of the thing around her neck.

Well.  The jewelry didn't look that heavy.  Oh well, I can never predict what runs out my fingers late at night. Time for dressing, then dog-getting, then walking.  Hasta la vista, babies.

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