Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gimme a G! Gimme an R! Gimme an E, E, N!

What's that spell?  Green!  That's the color of the leaves on the maple tree.  It came to me in a flash last week that those leaves are going to be green until October or later.  That would be one long, boring section of Maple Tree scarf, so I gathered up all the green yarns in my arsenal, and I plan to change out one green for another every week or so, slot them in and out to make it interesting.  I want to find another mostly green sock yarn for when the one I'm using runs out too.  I might have to order some online but that's doable.  I've actually dev...  

Wait, I was going to say that I had developed some self-control over yarn & fabric buying but then I went to JoAnn's yesterday after lunch for some buckles for a purse strap and, well, look what happened.  They're having a Memorial Day sale and all the "value" fabric was 50% off.  Damn their eyes.  I couldn't resist some of it.

I'm determined to spend some time making slippers this year and found this upholstery fabric that'll be awesome as slippers.  I bought a yard.

I'm always on the lookout for interesting linen.  I want to find printed linens like she uses in the book Zakka Style but evidently they don't sell them in the States, or this state anyway.  There are wild, Impressionistic florals that I usually love, not what I'm looking for in this case, but I did find this lovely dark brown with embroidered dots on it.  I bought a yard.

And who could resist this?  I was drawn by the round... things and amazed by the rest of it.  I had to buy a yard just to convince myself that someone really did put all this together on one length of fabric.  It's a border print too, both borders the same.  Holy shamoley.

The other day after my shower I realized that the soap sack I kept for myself when I handed them out at Christmas and that I've used at least 3 times a week since then, is all sagged out and still bleeding out color which looks disgusting as it collects on the ridge at the end of the bathtub and dries looking like diluted blood.  Urk.  So I dug out some dishcloth cotton and a one-size smaller hook and made myself a shorter and plainer one.  I like it.  I know it looks small but judging by the previous one, that'll change.

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