Thursday, May 10, 2012

Now This is Spring

Cool in the morning and warm during the day.  Ahhhh.  (and I'm tired of Spellcheck telling me that it's wrong if I put extra aitches or ems into "sound" words for emphasis)  My lettuce is up (see the tiny green specks?  Click on the pic to embiggen) and I planted lots of rosemary.  I don't know why, but rosemary's the herb I can't get out of my head lately.  The spinach, basil, and scallion seeds are still working on sprouting but I have faith in them.  Tonight's the Knitting Guild May meeting/picnic; my half of the alphabet's supposed to bring salads so I've eighth-ed 3 bell peppers and stirred a teaspoon of sweet curry powder into the carton of ricotta cheese.  When I get to Vicki's I'll lay the peppers out on a platter, spoon on a bit of cheese (which should be varying degrees of curry-ness because it's not all stirred together uniformly [on purpose]), and then grind on a bit of black pepper.  Mmm, yummy and not run of the mill.  I even remembered to put my bag o'chair into Beverly's back hatch so I'll have someplace to sit, and my Wingspan shawlette is the perfect project for a picnic--all garter stitch and no counting.  (What's not to love?)  Mr. Boss was at the dive shop most of yesterday--again.  He'd bought a new "cleaner" program, trying to de-virus the thing so that it worked faster than a snail (which worked) and would let Outlook boot up (which did not).  That's where business emails come and it won't open on that computer.  He said that Mrs. Boss tried to accuse me of downloading a virus (and maybe I did unwittingly) but she's always out there on travel sites looking for places to go and I suspect that virus-mongers haunt those sites too.  Ah well, it's done so now the fixing begins.  Because they're running Windows on a Mac they'd have trouble finding a repair person to work on it (evidently there's little cross-pollination) so he gets to bumble around, trying his best.  I think she'd like to take a hatchet to it and just go back to paper and pencil.  Some days I sympathize with that sentiment.  Oh, and DIL1 GOT A NEW JOB!!!!!  With insurance!!!!  She applied on May 1, interviewed on Monday (May 7), and was offered the job on Tuesday (May 8).  I can only think that they acted so quickly so that she didn't get away.  Congratulations, Sweetie!  I couldn't be happier and prouder of you if you were my own sweet baby.  Mwa! (((((X)))))  The bad news is that all the "fun" things like beer & food pairing dinners will go away; the good news is now there might be grandchildren.  Someday.  If they decide to do that sort of thing.  Also good news is that she might only have to work 40 hours a week instead of 60 or 100, and will actually have a marriage and a LIFE.  It's all good.  She's a keeper.  We've got her (okay, DS does) and you can't have her.

May 10--Charles Willson Peale, George Washington.  Thom squinted up at the painting over Sister Joseph Therese's desk.  He was trying to figure out how to make a spitwad stick in the middle of old George Washington's forehead.  The funny thing was that the Gorge in the painting looked like he wouldn't really mind it.  He looked like he might have owned a pea shooter when he was a kid.  Sister thought George was the best of the best.  She said he was honest and she didn't like it when Thom said, "But, Sister, I thought they called Abraham Lincoln "Honest Abe."  He stayed in for recess for that one.  Thom had his best shooter straw shoved down the spine of his math textbook laying right out in the open on his desk.  It was math time and Sister was pacing up and down the rows of desks, talking about angles and trajectory.  He paid close attention.  Maybe he'd finally learn something useful in school.

Ah, Sister Joseph Therese... she was the bane of my seventh grade year.  A hulking nun who always checked in her hankie after she blew her nose.  One smart aleck boy said, "are you reading your fortune?" when she did it one day.  He was down in Sister Mary Jane's office so fast he didn't know what hit him.  Sister Mary Jane was the principal.  She was scrawny and terrifying.  Okay, I have strawberries today.  I need to go eat some.  A bunch of them.  Maybe all of them to wipe memories of nuns being nuns (remember the clacking of those huge rosaries when they walked?) out of my mind.  Toodle-oo.

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