Friday, May 18, 2012

No More Misspelled Post Titles,

Baby Blueberries
Weedy Garden
cross my heart.  In my not-awake fog yesterday I thought it was clever and funny, now that I'm awake?  Not so much.  Sorry.  Skully couldn't walk today (she's buying a new car or some other lame excuse) so I flaked off walking too in favor of sleeping in and not driving away from home in the early morning.  I'm planning to dress in farmer clothes when I'm done posting, getting out my work gloves & pitchfork (I love my pitchfork, it looks so seriously dangerous), and use it to lever up the bumper crop of weeds in the garden.  I should take a "before" picture... maybe I'll do that right now.  Be right back.  Okay, got it and the baby blueberries too.  Ooh, blueberries, yum.  (hm, my cursor has a ghost, looks weird)  I want to get the fountain out and running too and maybe the hummingbird mister too.  The current issue of Birds & Blooms (I get it on my Kindle) is all about hummingbirds--how to plant for them, how to feed them by hand (!!!), how to take their picture, all kinds of DIY bird stuff.  Tres cool, n'est pas?  (see? I still remember a little French, very little but still...)  I think it's a day to go let Porter out, no, I'm sure of it.  I talked to DS last night and he said that she clawed up a corner of the linoleum in the sunroom yesterday and chewed it.  Hmm, maybe they should have put in tile.  Or granite.  It'll be my first chance to see the new Henny.  I asked Durwood about her the other day and he just shrugged.  He doesn't notice things like that I guess.  I notice everything.  I'm interested in every conversations and every bird and every flower, all the leaves waving at me from trees or bumbling along in the breeze in Autumn, what the bugs and bees are doing... all that stuff.  An inquiring mind or ADD?  You got me.  Did I tell you that I bought a bag of freeze-dried mealworms to put in the platform feeder to see if I can't lure the bluebirds back?  When I put my hand in to get some they felt kind of alive and squirmy.  I can't decide if it grossed me out or if I can't wait to do it again.  I might need a keeper.  I want to get Durwood to help me build a bluebird house to put in the backyard, and a robin nesting shelf too.  I seriously need a keeper, there's no way I can ever do it all.  Look, shiny!  Gah.

May 18--French, Court Train.  Golden silk, beaded and embroidered, dragged at her shoulders, holding her back, keeping her steps slow and deliberate.  Why did she have to do this?  She wasn't meant for court.  She didn't have the subterfuge or the politics to survive the dramas and intrigues.  She cared nothing for fashion or who was descended from whom.  Yet here she stood trussed up in satin, silk and whalebone like a sacrificial lamb pacing down the long hall to be presented to a kind she wouldn't recognize if he came up and slapped her.

Time to get a move on, I'm burning daylight.  Plus it's Friday so I've got yoga & knitting tonight.  And I even remembered to put another Tae Kwon Do belt into Beverly for Lyn to use at yoga.  Go me!  Are you going to play outside today too?

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