Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I've been well-Mother's Day-ed so far today.  Last night was Family Supper and flowers were given, cards too, DD called for a lovely chat this morning, now DS is here (it was just noon when I wrote this part) to help attack the next part of the basement cleanup.  Oh, oh, we had a pair of bluebirds in the backyard this morning.  We looked them up and they like to eat bugs and worms.  We didn't think we had bugs and worms, but evidently we do, and I want to get mealworms to put out there to try and attract more.  Plus build them a house.  Yeah, and I want to do it all today, thank you very much. Hahahah.  That was this morning, now it's nearly 5 PM, DS just left after we spent about five hours clearing out accumulated crap, going to Goodwill, Titletown's dumpster, and our storage place, oh, and going for ice cream.  There's no more time (or energy) for bluebird house building.  I'll get to it, maybe sometime next weekend, but not today.  Now that we've made more space down by the workshop area I can get Durwood started sorting through the boxes that have lived untouched on shelves in the workshop since we moved in (in August of 2004 [god, has it been that long?]) so we can get the tools situated a bit better which will make building a bit easier.  Durwood made 2 chickens on the grill yesterday which means we've got one left and HZ insisted that we bag up the remains of the salad she brought so we're looking good for supper.  Mm, that chicken was so tender and juicy and delicious.  Durwood cuts up an orange to put in the cavity, then he mixes A-1 and Kitchen Bouquet half and half that he paints on the bird so that the juice stays in.  It. Is. To. Die. For.  I will gladly eat that again and again.

May 13--Titian, Venus and the Lute Player.  They say that the Old Masters weren't necessarily painting naked ladies, they painted allegories.  I think that men, young or old, are pretty much the same then or now.  Allegory or not, they were thinking of excuses to convince women to take off their clothes and then sit still while the men looked at them intently, examining their every molecule, all in the name of art.  See that cherub?  He's what elevates the painting from 15th century porn to classical painting.  Allegory, I'm telling you, it's the key to respectability.

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there.  I wish you sappy cards, lots of hugs, long-distance phone calls, grocery story bouquets, and another year of love.


Ann said...

I hate to say it, but you moved in 2003--the summer I graduated college. I moved to Lexington in January '04. Love you!

Barbara said...

Don't hate to say it, at least someone remembers because I sure can't.