Saturday, May 5, 2012

Housework Yoga

I was going to get up and do half an hour of Wii Yoga this morning, then I thought about Mardi's suggestion that I go to the Sat. AM Community Yoga at Bay Area Yoga but then over my first bleary-eyed cup of coffee I realized that I needed to clean this joint.  Next Saturday we're hosting the May Family Supper and I have to work on Saturday so there won't be time for any of our usual last-minute running around like crazed weasels since I work until 4 and they're coming at 5:30.  I needed to get organized and get on the stick.  So I started in the living room figuring it'd be an hour (tops) to tidy, dust, and vacuum.  Three hours later I steered the vacuum into the hall.  You have to understand that I sorted through things, made a pile of things to carry downstairs, put assorted things in their proper places, turned up tables and chairs to dust their undersides, drained and vacuumed the humidifier.  I even got out the extend-o-duster thing and swept it along where the ceiling and walls join and down the corners in the living room and hall. Kind of spring cleaning.  After vacuuming and dusting the hall, I swept and mopped the kitchen floor and both entries.  I did a sinkful of dirty dishes too.  By then it was noon and I was starving.  Tomorrow the bathroom gets it.  Oh, I'm back eating "real" food today and it's not as earth-shatteringly good as I had imagined it would be, although I will admit that my lunch of 1T. of chunky Jif (which is made in Lexington just down the road from DD's house) with smear of JC's homemade strawberry jam on a toasted sandwich thin with a few baby carrots on the side got more attention as I ate it than it would have before.  As of this morning I lost 5.8# on the 4-day shakes & soup diet/fast/whatever.  I suspect that a pound or so of it will find its way back just because the shakes & soup are essentially salt-free, but I'm very happy with my results and can see doing this once a month as a kind of giant step forward in motivation.  Plus next I want to make the shrimp & zucchini soup; it looks scrumdiddlyumptious.  When I went to open the patio door to let some cool air in while I cleaned there was a Downy Woodpecker on the suet, a Starling waiting its turn, and a Red-Bellied Woodpecker on the back feeder.  Cool.  (Okay, the only pictures I have has the birds on the opposite feeders: downy on suet & red-bellied on seeds.)

May 5--Balthus, Nude Before a Mirror.  Giselle frowned at herself in the mirror.  She rearranged her hair, lifting it up the back of her head and letting the long sweep of chestnut waves cascade back down.  It settled like a cape over her back and shoulders.  She turned to the right, then to the left.  Did her left breast hang lower than her right?  She cupped her small bosoms in her hands trying to judge if one was lower or bigger or heavier.  Soon she'd be going away to school and there everyone would see her.  There was no avoiding it.  The dormitory had one bathroom per floor and one pillar with shower heads on each side per bathroom, so she had gotten into the habit of standing nude in front of the mirror looking at herself.  How could she bear to be seen by all of her floor-mates if she couldn't even look at herself without blushing?

The sun's out and it's a gorgeous Spring day.  I think I'm going to run a errand or two and then go potty Porter--and Lucy.  Lucy's a chihuahua whose owners are away for the weekend so DS & DIL1 are watching her.  I'm not so sure about dealing with a strange dog.  Maybe I'll come home and pick up Durwood before going over there for a little dog-wrangling assistance.  Yeah, that's a good idea.  Hey, it's Cinco de Mayo!  We should eat a taco.  Adios, muchachos!

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