Friday, May 4, 2012

Here, BirdieBirdieBirdie!

Durwood made fresh birdie juice yesterday so I could get the rest of the feeders out this morning.  He'd hung out one hummingbird feeder when the lilacs bloomed (that's what the birdfeeder lady told him to do) and I put out the copper oriole feeder last weekend.  So far no takers, but I suspect we won't see any hummers until the honeysuckle blooms.  There are a few random blossoms on it now but nothing like the riot that will be there soon.  The lilies of the valley are just beginning to flower, the bleeding hearts are attracting bumblebees, and the fern fronds are unfurling.  I love ferns.  I have a very small area where they'll thrive since most of our foundation's in full sun all day and I try to keep them moist like they like.  The heavy cover of lily of the valley leaves helps with that all summer.  I blew off walking Porter this morning in favor of lolling around in my jammies.  Soon I'll shower and then change the towels and sheets, get them into the washer, and sew while I'm down there.  Maybe someday I'll have a sewing place upstairs where there's light.  Yeah, when I win the lottery.  I think I'll take a walk to CVS later and buy me a ticket, or I'll stop to buy one on my way to yoga & knitting tonight.  I was in no mood to write to a prompt last night when I got to bed, so I didn't.  Hope you don't mind.  Here are some pretty pictures to distract you. 

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