Sunday, May 27, 2012

It Looks Like Rain But I'm Going Diving Anyway

Me and Kevin, yep, we're meeting JJ at the Stone Quarry in Sturgeon Bay around one o'clock and we're going diving.  Yippee!  I've got my gear all packed and piled in the living room.  Once CBS Sunday Morning's over, I'll dig out a tank and my weight belt, and get it all loaded into Beverly.  I bought some grapes and baby carrots that need to go into zipper bags, and I'll make sure all my water bottles are full to the tippy top and in my little cooler too.  We'll stop at Subway on the way out of town to pick up sandwiches (I already figured out what I'll order to stay closer to my points allowance for the day) and zoom on up.  I got my weeding done just before the rains came yesterday so that's crossed off the "to-do" list, and I transplanted some chives into a pot that fits into the shelf on the privacy screen so Durwood can just go out onto the patio to snip some herbs when he cooks.  I want (NEED) to get another thyme because he uses that a lot, and a bigger basil plant because the seedlings are too small to use yet and then he'll have all sorts of goodies to choose from.  I'm so frustrated (with myself) that I don't seem to be losing much weight even though I think I'm sticking pretty close to the points plan (see, that might be the problem, I think I'm doing it but I'm lax about tracking) so I dug out a tiny notebook and rubber-banded a pencil to it to actually keep track.  What a concept!  If I had a Smart Phone I could do it immediately and online but I'm not willing to have the expense just for that.  I'm more of a pencil & paper kind of girl anyway.  (I like the look of an ampersand, don't you?)  When I went out to weed there were 2 male Goldfinches on the finch feeder and 3 more waiting on the bare branches to the right of it.  By the time I got the camera out only one was left.  They're so bright and cheerful looking, aren't they? Man, Porter sure doesn't like the rain.  I went over and fed her yesterday in the late afternoon, then herded her outside to potty.  Usually we stay out there playing ball and chasing around until she poops, but yesterday she deigned to chase and fetch the pig ball a few times, ran to the back of the yard to pee and that was it.  She trotted by me, dropped the pig ball near me, and just kept on going right through the pet door and into the house.  Wha...?  She kind of gave me a look as she went by too as if to say, "I'm not getting wet, if you want to, that's your business."  I followed her inside.  She wasn't in the sunroom, she was in the living room sitting on her towel, and as soon as I walked into the room she dropped into her tortellini pose, sighed, and dozed off.  Nothing I did made her move.  Not petting her and talking in a lunatic high voice about having fun outside.  Not discussing the merits of treats.  Not even sitting on the floor and putting my legs around her so she'd move into my lap.  I had to tempt her with a Beggin' Strip scrap to get her up and into the sunroom 45 minutes later when I gave up to come home to eat.  Dogs.  I sewed too late into the night last night so I didn't write, I just started the dishwasher and flopped.  Later.  I'll write later.  Cross my heart.  In the meantime, it's nearly time for Charles Osgood and I need to go.  Plus remember I'm going diving later.  !!!!!!
Porter Tortellini in my lap


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