Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Not the Farmer in the Dell After All

I didn't plant my seeds (boo!) but I did get all the dead stuff cut down and out to the street.  And I speed-mowed the lawn after supper when I learned that it's supposed to rain today and tomorrow.  For once the weatherman is right, lightning woke me around 4 A.M. and it's drizzling right now.  I'm tempted to go out in my raincoat and get them planted right now to take advantage of the nice rainy day... hm, maybe I will, once I get this posted.  Well, I didn't starve and I didn't cheat, I was my standard level of crabbiness (I think) and got through day one of the shakes & soup days.  Actually I think it might be something I can do every once in a while.  One smart thing I did was get out a bunch of small plastic containers, and then measured out the dry ingredients for all the days' shakes so I dirtied the spoons once (and had to wash them once) and I won't have to blearily measure in the mornings.  I have terminal blear these days, and it hangs on and on.  I did half an hour of Wii yoga this morning to try and stretch out my aches from last night's mowing.  Of course they could also be rainy day aches and stick around all day.  Bah.  We have a funeral to go to after work today.  It's so hard to know what to say but it means so much to see people.  I have no recollection of most of what people said to me at Mom's funeral but I remember every face.  We having the devil of a time finding a day when the M's, Z's, and Z-M's can get together for the May Family supper.  I might have more luck fixing the meal, plating it, taking a picture, and faxing it to the others--wouldn't be as satisfying though, would it.  But I have faith that we'll figure it out.  We can be flexible.

May 1--Paul Gauguin, A Farm in Brittany.  Michel walked down the road toward the farm.  It was a blazing October day, bright with sun, and with a hint of chill on the breeze.  He amused himself trying to calculate how many different shades of yellow he saw.  The aspens were that bright yellow of a child's crayon, the maples were cycling from red through orange to a pale, lemony yellow.  The wheat in Antoine's field was a rich gold, and the sunset had washed everything else with ochre.  Anything to keep his mind off his day, anything to delay having to tell Sophie that he'd lost his job.

Now I'm either going to go play with dirt and seeds or read the paper, do the crossword, and eat, well, drink breakfast.  Oh, and according to the Wii Body Test I lost 2.5# yesterday.  An excellent and encouraging start.

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