Monday, May 28, 2012

54 Degrees Farenheit

Not yesterday, but my standard look
That was the water temperature at 25 feet yesterday.  Yikes, that was cold, especially on the lips, and my hands got cold fast.  I should have followed my instinct when I was packing my gear and put in my 3-finger mitts, but I didn't.  I did get them out and they're right there on the rack so I can pack them the next time we're going diving--maybe next Sunday.  (fingers crossed)  We saw some wood, like telephone pole pieces, a thick cable that crosses the ship canal, 2 big dead carp (not the invasive Japanese, just regular ones), and a good number of keeper-size bass.  It's funny, seeing those fish made me forget that my hands were frozen and wish I could follow them, but we'd agreed where to go and how long to stay so I stuck with Kevin.  It's a good thing too, I'd  have had to have help taking off my gear if I'd stayed in too much longer.  JJ couldn't make it, something came up at home.  Too bad.  Oh, and we didn't go to the Stone Quarry, it was way too windy and wavy, we went across the shipping canal to Potawatomi Park, paid the daily fee ($7) and dived off the old boat launch there.  It's nice, you walk in only about 6 feet and it drops right off to 25'.  No staggering over tippy and slick rocks for ankle-twisting distances, just a quick stop to put on your fins, mask & gloves and you're off.  We sat on rocks to eat our Subway lunch and then drove home.  It was a good day, and Beverly's first dive trip.  (now she'll have that nice, bay water smell to go with the dog aroma from Porter)  A good day.  Right now Durwood's getting dressed and I'll be doing the same as soon as I'm done here so we can go to Stein's and get our plants for the garden, then to Walmart for a couple ingredients for some coleslaw to have with our BBQ-ed ribs on the smoker for supper.  Mmmm.  You totally wish you were gonna be here.  Maybe I'll whip up a little cornbread to go with it.  I'll figure something out, don't you worry.  Then in the afternoon when it's too hot and muggy I'll be in the basement sewing on my project.  I want to get that done today or tomorrow so it's not hanging over my head--and I'll be able to show it off at knitting on Friday night.  That's the real reason and you know it.  I'm all about the acclaim of my pals.

May 28--Robert Campin, The Annunciation Triptych.  Mary sat in the parlor reading.  It was one of the rare perfect spring days and so she threw open the window.  The soft air brought the scent of fresh earth and the newest of green leaves.  The chickadees squabbled as they built a nest in the birdhouse in the flowerbed under the window and she heard a male cardinal asserting himself from the top of the big maple on the other side of the street.  Mary thought that there was no more comfortable chair than the rocker she sat in.  Her Great-Grandpa Berk had built the chair for Great-Grandma Barbara when she was pregnant with their first son, Oscar.  Mary hoped that Mama would be willing to part with the chair when Mary's first child was on the way.

Not bad.  I was pretty darned tired last night.  It takes it out of you keeping warm-ish in water that cold, not to mention hiking back up the hill to the car wearing all that scuba gear.  Fun though.  I can't tell you how great it was being back underwater, but we shouldn't have spent the drive up talking about diving in Bonaire and then plunged into the cold green water.  That was a shock.  Fun, but a shock.  Durwood just called that he'd ready to go.  I'm not.  See ya.

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Aunt B said...

Brrrr!!! You are the brave one -- plunging into that cold, cold water.