Sunday, May 13, 2012

See What I Got?

I got these 3 terrific card, this lovely rose plant, and gerbera daisies for the porch.  I feel very well Mother's Day-ed.  Oh, and the northwest corner of the basement is now passable.  I did not take a "before" picture, it would have just been too demoralizing also hard to get that volume of crap into the frame.  I kind of got off the decrappifying track a while back and figured a Mother's Day dose of helping hands will help me climb back on.  DS was happy to oblige.  Also he bought me ice cream.  Yay!  Next up is the workshop so Durwood and I can build some bird houses and feeders.  Once again I need at least one extra day per week to accomplish one-tenth of what I'd like to.  Is it normal to set oneself up for failure so readily?  There is no way I can knit, sew, write, make lotion, plant the garden, work, walk, do yoga, and build bird accommodations all in one month, much less a week.  

The Maple Tree scarf is growing by its requisite 2 rows per day.  I like the way it looks.

I'm into the fifth triangle of the Wingspan and the second skein of yarn.  I really like the way it's looking, but I thought it'd be bigger.  Maybe I'll have to up the needle size and stitch count for the next one.  Look at the yarn, I realized the other day that it's chain-plied instead of twisted.  Looks kind of cool that way, plus in the close-up you can see that it's indigo and yellow, not black and yellow.

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