Sunday, July 1, 2012

Do You Realize That It's The First Of July Already?

I know, I can barely believe it myself, but the evidence was right there this morning on the masthead of the Sunday's Green Bay Press-Gazette for everyone to see.  "July 1, 2012" right there in black ink on the white paper.  Huh.  Moving on.  I didn't write last night.  I stayed up a bit later than normal and when I got into bed with my notebook in front of me, my brain was already turned off.  Oh well.  We've been having caprese salads for lunch last weekend and this one since there are hydroponic tomatoes to be bought at the Farmer's Market, our basil is up and ready to be picked, and Aldi had fresh mozzarella in their ad last weekend.  Mm, mm, mmm.  I have a bottle of fig balsamic vinegar and one of basil infused olive oil that I used to dress our salads.  Oh. My.  I decided to have a few garlic Melba rounds with mine which made it all the more yummy.  It's been very hot and dry around here; there's been quite a bit of watering going on to make sure that all our gardens are happy.  Durwood's tomato plants are really reveling in the heat; he needs to tie them to their stakes just about every other day.  I have the hose hooked up to the soaker hose twined around his raspberries which are looking red, but not quite red enough.  I've decided to play along with the Photo A Day again so here we go again.  Today's theme is "self-portrait."  That stumped me for most of the day but inspiration finally struck while I was shoving dirty clothes into the washer, so here I am.  This says quite a lot about me.  I'm sure those familiar with me will agree; the rest of you have to take my word for it.

It's time to hang up the clothes in the dryer and toss the next load in.  One thing about there being only two of us, and one of us retired, is that our volume of laundry has sunk to a very manageable level.  For a while there I was convinced that the neighbors were dropping theirs off when I wasn't looking.  Stay cool.

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