Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Raining Again

Would you look at that.  We've had over 3" in the last 48 hours, not enough to save the farmers but our lawn looks a bit happier.  Today's Photo a Day theme is "pet/insect/bug" and I have a pet.  I do.  You think I don't because I don't talk about him a lot but I have a dragon.  Well, he's a beta fish named Dragon, but still...  We have fish aerobics in the morning and evening when I feed him.  I put my red fingernail by the bowl and he comes over and flares his fins and gills at me like I'm a rival male he needs to drive off.  I pull my finger away and he settles down; then I do it again.  Keeps him limber.  See the bubbles on top of the water?  He's making a bubble nest for a sweetheart.  He's not getting a sweetheart anytime soon but I'm not telling him.  Making the nest keeps him occupied and happy.  Good boy, Dragon.  In between customers yesterday (there were 6, plus phone customers, so I took in more than my salary [that's my benchmark for a successful day's work]) I reserved rooms for all but the last night of our trip.  We're staying one night in Buffalo, Wyoming (look at that view!) and then three nights in Rapid City, South Dakota where a lot of things we want to see are--Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, the Black Hills, a steam train ride (eeee!), and a site where there're mammoth bones.  Hmm, maybe we need another day there... seems like a lot to see and do... must be why some people make that their destination... oh well, we'll manage.  We are resourceful folk.  (Huh, I just realized why my knees and hands and wrists are achy--it's raining.  Doofus.)  Last night Cookie and I met at St. James Park for the City Band concert.  I know I've said it before but I'll say it again, I love that.  It's a real city band, old farts and kids toot and honk and drum, mediocre special guests warble, kids play on the playground, and the parkies and kids sell popcorn and ice cream bars to raise money for park games, etc. to keep the neighborhood kids occupied and out of trouble for the summer.  We sit in our bag o'chairs and knit and sing along (when we know some of the words).  It's a blast.  And it's free.  You should come too.  The more the merrier.  Wednesday evenings at 7:30 in St. James Park across Monroe St. from the carillon.  Y'all come!  Unless it's blazing hot and humid, then we stay home where it's cool.

July 19--Edgar Degas, The Singer in Green.  Out of a swirl of lights and magic she appears and begins to sing.  The green of her dress is like the first tender leaves of Spring.  The singer herself looks no older than Spring.  Her form is sculpted by whalebone and padding but her face is that of a child caught playing dress up.  She sings the song of a love she is too young to have felt and yet you believe that her heart is cad-broken and weep along with her.

Okay, then.  This one is totally out of Degas' usual ballerina pap.  This one has a poignancy and depth that was a surprise and pleasure to contemplate.  Way to go, Edgar.  I'm off to slurp up Cheerios with blueberries, work a crossword puzzle or two, and then zoom off to work in the drizzle.  Drizzle!  I love it.

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