Monday, July 9, 2012

A Bag Jag...with Hat

I've really been getting into sewing lately, what with the quilting Block of the Month (BOM) I signed up for over at Craftsy (if you think you'd ever like to make a quilt you should sign up, it's free and forever, you can jump in whenever and play along) and the instant gratification aspect of sewing.  One of the quilters I'm following on Craftsy is applekrisp whose blogs as Sister of the Divide so I cruised over to her blog and, lo and behold, she made some zipped bags I liked the look of.  I thought, hmm, I have fabric, a bale of fabric.  I have zippers.  I have fusible interfacing.  And off I went.  

By bedtime I had 3 of the medium size made and finished.  I will be making more, small and large ones.  I'm already thinking of the fabrics I have in the armoire... and zippers will be 50% off at Hancock in 2 weeks.  Uh-oh.

Speaking of instant gratification, I went downstairs and resurrected the yarn and pattern to make preemie hats on Friday before Friday Night Knitting.  I had to have something yarn-ly that would finish quickly.  I love making these little hats in this bright variegated yarn.  Babies need color, don't you think?

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