Thursday, July 26, 2012

How Can I Be This Frustrated Over Somthing Electronic?

It is killing me, killing me do you hear, that my laptop's wireless thing-y is busted.  I got a call from Aaron that it was fixed.  It's not.  Now I have to go buy an external USB wireless adaptor.  He says they're only fifty bucks.  There's no "only" in $50, Aaron.  Guess I'll pick one up on my way home.  Dammit.  And this humid, stuck on the system line weather is making my right wrist ache like a son of a gun.  And now I get to work on Saturday so Mrs. Boss can divemaster for the Open Water certification dives.  Whine, whine, whine.  I'll be glad to drive away on August 11 for the peace of the open road.  Of course I want my laptop to be working right so I can post from the road.  You want to know about our adventures, don't you?  Of course you do.  I got offered a chance to pick up a very part-time sewing gig and I hope to find out about it this week yet.  I won't be telling you what it is until I've got it sewed up (get it? *nudge, nudge*) but keep your fingers crossed.  Cookie and I skipped the City Band concert last night.  It was so hot and sooooo humid that we couldn't face sitting outside, so we went to a nice, air-conditioned restaurant instead.  We each did our best to make healthy choices (no, we really did) with some success but it's never as "good for you" as homemade, is it?  I think it's the salt that's in all that restaurant food, I really do.  We'd have had to make a run for it even if we went to the concert because when we left the restaurant (before the concert would have ended) the sky was dark gray and a bolt of lightning blasted down out of the clouds nearby.  Loud, and scary.  I drove home in the northern fringe of the storm but I suspect that the concert-goers got more than a little wet.  I've slacked off on the Photo a Day thing this week since the Kumquat's been on the blink.  Durwood's desktop won't recognize my SD card and it's been too busy at work to blog anyway.  Gah.  Just when I think my life is under control some STUPID thing happens and it turns to crap.  Or I feel like it has, which I suppose is the same as actually doing it.  I did learn from Aaron, the so-so computer fixer (I thought he was a genius but now I suspect that he's only human), that I shouldn't have more than one anti-virus program on a computer at a time so I spent too much time this morning taking one of them, the oldest one, off Durwood's computer.  Now it runs like the wind, he says.  He called me earlier just bubbling with glee that he'd found and printed off so many crockpot recipes in such a short time that he needs to fix up a binder to organize them.  What have I done?  The Photo a Day theme the other day was "mirror."  Here's my dresser mirror nearly covered by pictures of my husband and kids.

July 26--Pons Fils, Lyre-Guitar.
Music soft haunting
shivers up the spine of the pines
Bluejay's raucous
claims at the feeder
hush the songbirds
lift tiny brown bunny ears
alert to every sound.
That's the end of the Green Bay whine for today.  I hope you've enjoyed our program.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's broadcast when the subject will be "How Do I Make This @%$#& Adaptor Work?"  Signing off.

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