Friday, July 20, 2012

Gah. I'm Having One of Those Days--Again

One of those "I don't wanna" days, you know the kind, when you don't want to do or be wherever and whatever you are.  I could spend all day eating salty, crunchy things (and mostly have), not moving around much except to play with yarn/fabric/audio or video entertainment.  I've cast on a preemie hat, dug out yarn to cast on an anklet sock, wound some falling-apart skeins into tidy balls, downloaded 3 audiobooks from the library to my iPod, and sat staring at the History Channel.  Oh, I read part of a library book on my Kindle Fire too.  I need to go get gas because the pipeline that brings it to GB developed a leak Tuesday and was shutoff so they're predicting higher gas prices until it's fixed.  (be right back)  Okay, I'm back, and the price had gone up a few cents since my drive home from work last night.  Oh well.  Now that I've donated the George Foreman grill that we hadn't used in at least 5 years, Durwood saw it on "Gadgets of the '90s" on TV and now wants to use it to grill chicken and some veggies.  (*sigh*  Makes me feel like I do nothing right.  Which I know is wrong but that's the way I'm feeling today.  double Gah.)  So I'll cruise the aisles at Goodwill tonight, maybe someone donated one or maybe ours is still there.  (how could I tell?)  I'll feel better tomorrow.  Maybe I'm allergic to Fridays.  Maybe I'm allergic to July.  Come on August!  I think tomorrow I'll go out with my lopping shears and cut out all the volunteer treelings and shrublings by the ones I mean to have in various spots around the yard.  A bit of mass destruction might just be the ticket to cure my malaise.  Hmm.  Maybe I'll change my shoes and go out to do a little right now.  I think I will.  Oh, before I forget, today's Photo a Day theme is "eyes."  Guess who these ice blue ones belong to.

July 19--Egypt, Shabtis and Shabti Boxes of Yuya.  "They look like phone booths," Jay said, "I can't stop thinking of them as Egyptian phone booths."  We sat across from each othe3r in the museum's exhibit prep lab.  Jay was working on a new arrangement of the tired Egyptian artifacts and I was trying to make the moth-eaten Central American exhibits come back to life.  We had spent time sorting through the incredible volume of the collections, choosing new items for display.  Droves of school children were the museum's bread and butter in the winter months and we needed to jazz things up to grab their attention.  "Maybe my Mayans should attack your Egyptians," I told Jay, holding up a clay figure. "That'd grab the little attention deficient darlings."

Okay, off to lop.  Look out, shrub monsters!


Aunt B said...

I hope you tore into the shrubs, etc. and got rid of all your frustrations and then came in, put on that new skirt and TWIRLED!!! Just wearing it had to lift your spirits. Love it!!!

Ann said...

I had one of those days yesterday, too. I hope you're feeling better!