Sunday, July 15, 2012

Oh, Go Soak Your Head

If I'd have had to put up with my mopey self all weekend, especially yesterday, that's what I'd have told myself, and that's what I did today.  After my 10:30 haircut (beautician has a "real" job as a social worker/counselor but can't bear to forsake her favorite customers, thank god) I hauled my dive gear over to K & D's, loaded myself and my gear in his car (with their gear too) and off we went to Door County for 2 dives.  First we dived on the car that rolled off the ferry at Gills Rock ages ago, max depth 51 ft. (I pushed my depth gauge into the sand for that last foot) and the thermocline at 42 ft. took the water temp from 75 to 55 in a heartbeat.  Brrr.  But it was kind of a relief after gearing up in head-to-toe neoprene in the blazing sun on a cement walkway and then waddling over the rocks, slipping down a bank, and into the nice cool water.  Ahhh.  We did 50 minutes there, got out, changed tanks, piled back into K's car (sitting on towels in our wetsuits) for the ride to Garrett Bay (just back a mile or two) for another 50 minutes on the Fleetwing.  I love the way I feel when I'm diving.  After our dives we had subs for a late lunch and drove home.  I got here a little after 7 to find the lovely Durwood had bought Sunnyhill Farms sweet corn for supper.  Oh yeah, we had some other stuff but CORN.  It was delish, barely needed any butter.  I can definitely work an ear of corn into my WW Points Plus rotation any day he wants to get some.  It's the best.  Today's Photo a Day is "finger."  I'd hoped to take a picture of my pruney fingers after diving for nearly 2 hours but by the time I was dry enough to safely handle my camera I wasn't pruney anymore.  So you get to see my finger as I picked up my sub for the first bite.  All my fingers, all my toes, and all of me (with the possible exception of my cranky left ear), inside and out is very glad that I went and soaked my head repeatedly today.

July 15--Greek, Classical Period, Statue of a Lion.  It's damned hard to chisel a statue of a lion when you've never seen one, when no one you know has seen one either.  That's what they'd asked him to do.  Christos commissioned a statue of a lion for his new villa in the hills above Athens.  It had to be a lion, he said, lions have strength and courage.  Has he seen a lion? I asked his man Tiberius and he said no, and neither had Tiberius although he had heard the roar of one from the Colosseum when he was a boy.  It must be a large creature with a deep chest to produce such a roar.  He heard that the beasts have teeth like the sharpest knives and claws like spear points.  What about the head and body? I asked.  Christos should have had a drawing but all he did was send Tiberius to the shop with the order and half payment.  Maybe I'll just make it like my cat Caliban, only bigger.

And that's that.  It's late and I'm tired from my day in the sun and water.  Nighty-night.

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