Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, DD!

Oh, our best baby girl is 31 years old today.  I wish I was near her so I could make her cupcakes and peach ice cream, take her on a picnic in a park, then fly kites in a sunny field.  I'd hug her and smooch her until her cheeks were chapped, then I'd make all her troubles take the weekend off.  Thinking about how much I love her makes a little warm, butterfly place right below my heart.  She's my dream daughter.  I love you so much it'll never go away, DD, no matter what.  Always remember that.  (not that anything's going on that might change it, I just wanted to lay that out there in case you ever wonder)  Now I've made myself cry.  Silly.  Hey, I dreamed that we were on our Wild West trip (DD was along too) and we shopped at Goodwill then rode horses out of the Liberty St. backyard to get there.  Oh, and we shopped at a casino too for socks and cigarettes (none of us smokes anymore).  Don't you love dreams?  There's nothing I "have" to do today and I'm kind of drunk with the freedom of it.  My mind is flitting from pillar to post with all kinds of ideas--sit on the patio listening to the fountain and watch the birds, sew up a nest of zip bags or ten, knit while I listen to an audiobook...   Hey, do any of you get Audible books?  I've signed up so I can get 2 free books this month (I'll cancel before I have to pay) and I'm kind of stuck what to choose.  Part of me wants to get books that I know I like and part of me wants to take a stab at one I'm not familiar with.  I think I'm spoiled by the free Kindle books and borrowing them from the library so I'm having the devil of a time choosing.  Help me!

July 13--American, New York, Secretary Bookcase.  It was too ornate.  Its gilt and painted surfaces were busy with decorative painting and carvings.  It sat there in Meemaw's study buzzing with energy like a generator.  Clarice hated it.  She felt like the secretary didn't like her either.  She knew that it was a piece of furniture, that it didn't have feelings.  But she couldn't pass by those hairy paw feet without expecting it to reach out and snag her then devour her.  She was sure it would decorously suppress a belch as it swallowed her down.

That's what happens when you stay up too late.  Oh, today's Photo a Day them is "open."  Here's a Stargazer lily that opened yesterday.  It smells as pretty as it looks--and I'm not a fan of pink but I love these.  Love them.


Ann said...

I love you, Mom! Thanks for the life!

Barbara said...

you're welcome, sweetie. anytime.