Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ow, That Stung

I was opening the garden shed this morning to look at another birdfeeder when I felt a bite/sting on the fleshy part of my thumb.  It was a hornet, one from this good-sized nest just inside the shed where the doors meet.  Durwood gave me some ice to put on it right away and I got the Raid and took care of the little bastards.  I love the Raid that lets you stand far back and shoot deadly foam at them.  I sprayed them--a lot.  They're dead here.  D.E.A.D.  There was one confused one flying around when I took this picture but it made a couple passes and zoomed away.  That's right, you fly away, we kill your kind here.  K.I.L.L.  And we're happy about it.  Either I'm whatever the opposite of allergic is or it was just a warning sting but it's just a bit red, not swollen, and not very painful.  Whew.  It was so quiet at work yesterday that I finished another preemie hat and still had time left to take up the afghan block that I've been ignoring during my preemie hat jag.  Mrs. Boss was there from about 1 PM on, doing tank service, rinsing students' gear (they stayed in Door County), and mowing the lawn.  Mr. Boss worked at the nuclear plant until 3 PM and he was her ride home.  It felt odd because she was paying me to be there but she was the one with things to do.  I didn't have customers, I just knit.  *shrugs*  Today's Photo a Day theme is "the last thing you bought."  I'm trying not to buy things so it was a stumper until I remembered that I took a picture of the Greek desserts I bought for us on Friday.  They were the best part of the cookout, IMHO.  I'm trying not to go out into the kitchen and count out 22 reduced-fat Cheez Its for a snack.  I want to make up some more snack bags today and there is that red box with those salty, cheesy little squares... oh, hell, I'm having some.  I basically threw the diet in the dumper this week so I might as well have the Cheez Its and then turn over a new leaf tomorrow.  Besides I mowed the lawn this morning, it's a mile and the humidity equals the temperature.  It isn't hot but when it's 75 degrees with 75% humidity it sure feels sweaty out there.  I couldn't think of a darned thing to write in my notebook last night so this is it for me today.  I'm hoping to be inspired tonight or at least be able to think of something to scribble down.  Sheesh.  I need a vacation.  Oh, I should go downstairs and work at turning Durwood's fleece pullover into a cardigan.  Yeah, I think I'll do that.  See ya.


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