Saturday, July 14, 2012

Aimless Daze

Again I have no direction.  I am adrift like a leaf in a gutter, a mast-broken ship in a storm.  I've gone to the Farmer's Market to get tomatoes for Durwood and zucchini, golden beets, and baby patty pan squash for the week's veggies, hosed the cottonwood fluff off the air conditioner vanes and have the soaker hose running on Durwood's raspberries.  I finished another preemie hat and took today's Photo a Day picture.  Figuring out what to take was tricky.  The theme's "building" and since I'm not building anything capturing the verb form of the word is out.  I do live in a building (it's called a house or more precisely a duplex) so I went out to see if I couldn't capture an unusual angle of that oh-so-familiar building.  I think I did okay.  This is the patio door, the soffit and gutter, and my "menopausal goddess" sculpture.  I like it, like it all.  Now I think I'll go downstairs to rewind a skein of yarn so that the colors I want to knit with are in position in the yarn ball, then I think I'll sew up a couple more zip bags.  I haven't made the largest size yet and I was thinking that a set of them would be a good thing to have on hand.  I made a brilliant discovery the other day... I have a crapload of remnants of outdoor and upholstery fabrics that are stiff enough on their own that I don't need to use interfacing so I can skip one big step PLUS I don't have to go buy more since I'm running low.  Genius, no?  I didn't manage to get any motel rooms reserved for our trip home from Yellowstone yesterday so that can go back on the list for today.  For some unknown reason I plunged into a funk yesterday and haven't had much luck clawing my way out yet.  I doubled up on St. John's Wort last night and this morning, hopefully that'll help.  I was feeling so down that I skipped yoga & knitting last night, the first time I've done that in months.  Oh, I am a puzzlement.  I downloaded my 2 free Audible books yesterday, one I know I like and one I've never read, and once again I had to call tech support to get them up and running on the Kindle Fire.  I'm always so embarrassed because it's usually the simplest thing that I don't understand or figure out, like I had tapped the Audible app on the Kindle but didn't know to tap the "refresh" circle arrow and, poof, there they were.  Bah.  Ah well, at least I'm smart enough to call before my frustration level hits the stratosphere.

July 14--Georges Seurat, The Forest at Pontaubert.  At dusk the fireflies rose and filled the dimming forest with their lights.  The wind died, the cicadas song diminished, and the tree frogs and crickets took up their tunes.  Eloise sat in the old yellow metal chair in the shade of the catalpa tree watching the red gold rays of sunset pierce the darkening woods.  The day's last hummingbird buzzed the honeysuckle blooms and then darted to her nest in the brier rose thicket.  She had sat all through the afternoon reading, or trying to, keeping an ear cocked for the sound of tires on the gravel drive.  Michael was to have arrived on the afternoon train.  he had refused her offer of a ride, saying he wasn't sure when he'd be able to get out of the city, but it was getting dark.  It must have been nearly eight o'clock and he hadn't come or called.

That's it for me today, chickens.  Enjoy your Saturday.


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