Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot

It was so hot today that I hid in the basement sewing the July Block of the Month quilt blocks.  I sorted out the fabrics into possiblities and then changed my mind when it came to the second block.  I decided the fabric I originally chose was all wrong for the "big picture" so I tapped into the ones that I'd organized and I think you'd agree that I made the right choice. 

Here's the fabric I didn't choose.  Not the right one for the quilt, is it?

Here's the Traditional Dresden Plate block.  Don't you love these colors?

The Modern Dresden Plate block is the one that dodged a bullet when I took a second look at that orange and purple fabric, although I know that the size of the wedges would have made them look like random designs, still I'm glad I changed them.

I have been knitting on the log cabin border of the eighth Bandwagon Block, I have.  It's just that it's been so hot... even sitting in the a/c and knitting seems too hot.

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