Tuesday, July 17, 2012

This Computer Is So Slow...

... that I went to the grocery with Durwood while it booted up.  I took Kumquat, my laptop, to the fixit place to get more memory installed and to have her c: drive dusted and rearranged, never thinking that I'd have to use the old-old-old Gateway that's running, um, Windows NT (I think) as an OS.  OMG, it's so slow.  Hurry, Fixit Guy, hurry.  It's back to being blazing hot and suffocatingly humid.  I don't know how you all who live where it's like this for half the year deal with it.  I know that you eventually get used to it, sorta, move more slowly, and do just fine, but I'm melting.  Melting.  Yesterday at work the a/c barely shut off and couldn't really beat back the heat.  Whenever I got up from the desk to fill tanks or do any other active work, I was sweating, and I wore a (homemade) light cotton patchwork skirt and (cute) t-shirt, so not not denim to deal with.  Mrs. Boss was there quite a bit of the day but I still managed to get my work done and knit a bit.  There's only one desk space to sit at in the store proper so whoever needs the computer (Mrs. Boss when she's there) gets the chair.  I sit in the customer chair pulled up to the corner of the desk, not in the back, because I feel it's my job to work so I need to greet customers and answer the phone, trying not to hand it off to her if I don't have to.  I'm a saint, you don't have to tell me.  We had a spaghetti squash last night that was the best I've ever had.  Usually I'm kind of lukewarm about them, I think they have slimy aspects that just kind of gross me out, but the one Durwood made for supper was without that orange slime that makes me frown at my plate and the threads were crisp and dry-ish.  It was delish.  I wanted to get another but the grocery we went to didn't have spaghetti squash so we bought a tiny butternut to cook and mix with the others.  I'm not sure how that'll work since their consistencies are so different but they'll be tasty, I know that much.  Tonight's fish night.  We're having honey-soy salmon.  I love honey-soy salmon.  We did cheap out and bought the farmed salmon and not the wild caught sockeye, but the farmed kind is half the price of the wild.  Mostly we do wild caught fish but sometimes the budget needs a breather despite the way fish farms aren't good for the environment.  I'm trying out recipes for DIY 100-calorie packs to make for our Western Adventure.  Today I bought a box of Chocolate Chex because I found a recipe for a chocolate cherry one and I want to make another one that's caramel corn.  I'd rather do that than buy the pre-made ones.  I'll let you know how they are.  Today's Photo a Day theme is "my addiction."  I'm not sure what I'm addicted too since it seems to change often--writing, knitting, sewing.  Durwood's a constant, as are DS & DD, but for sheer addictive qualities I can't miss with a reef picture.  Most of my daydreams involve me finning along a reef.  I guess it was an easy choice after all.

July 17--Spain, The Lamb at the Foot of the Cross, Flanked by Two Angels.  It's dark in here behind my eyes, too dark to see anything, but there is sound, lots of it.  There's the constant buzzing in my ears that I only notice when it's quiet, and the scratch of my pencil as it skates away from the line when I doze off.

And that's it for me.  I was so tired, I guess from fighting the heat, that I just conked right off.

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