Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blazing a New Trail

Well, not exactly a new trail but I took a spin around the 3 new roundabouts and the new piece of Mason Street across Hwy. 41 on my way home from the Farmer's Market this morning.  It has been a long 6 months that the direct route between Durwood and his 2 favorite food stores (WalMart & Festival) has been closed, now the overpass is back in business so no more driving around and under and through to get groceries.  Whee!  (I like roundabouts, no stoplights, Durwood's not a fan)  Last night was the Lobsterfest in Sheboygan.  I made mine go away.  We had fun; I rode with DS & DIL1 and we ate with AJ, his wife K and their friends.  Nephew CA didn't arrive until we were standing saying our goodbyes so we didn't have a chance to hear all about his Germany trip but at least we got to see him.  I got the job yesterday too.  I'll be sewing labels into clothes for sale on the web at  It's not constant and sounds easy enough.  The first time she needs me is, of course, the week before we leave for our Western Adventure but it'll give me a chance to learn what I'll need to do for next time and earn a little extra money.  (always a good thing)  I'm kind of excited about it, and it might be something I can do in the back room at the dive shop if it's not busy.  Mr. & Mrs. Boss don't mind if I knit or read or cut out patterns if there's no dive shop work so I'm sure they won't mind if I sew labels.  Pretty cool, huh?  Today's Photo a Day theme is "cup."  DS's friend and fellow brewer, Scott, is also a potter and he and some friends had a booth at the Farmer's Market.  Look, cups!  I could have bought everything on the table, easy.  Good thing I only had $10.  I'm a sucker for pottery, especially bowls.  I'm thinking of branching out into plates.  (handmade salad or luncheon plates would be good birthday or Christmas gifts... they don't even have to match... no pressure, I'm just sayin'... if anybody's interested... and they shouldn't be from Simon either unless they're from his junk pile... no, not even then because I want to use them not display them and I bet Simon's stuff isn't shiny or foodsafe or dishwasher friendly, it's Art not utilitarian)

July 28--Camille Corot, The Letter.  "Will you write me a letter?" she asked.  Her hazel eyes shone with unshed tears.  It hurt to look at her and took all my willpower not to turn away.  "Sure," I said, "I'll write you a letter as soon as I get there."  "Do you need a stamp?"  She slid open the desk drawer nearest her chair.  "Here, take these.  Then I'll know it's your letter."  The stamps showed pictures of cartoon characters.  I smiled.  She loved cartoons.  We went to the movies together my whole life, giggling in the dark and gorging on Milk Duds and Coca Cola.  I kept my promise.  I wrote her a letter when I got to school, and I wrote one each week for the rest of my college days.  She wrote me too, not as often because of her arthritis, but she did her best.  Between us we joked that we kept letter writing by hand alive for a few more years.  It left a huge hole in my life when she died.

Okay, time to get a move on.  I get to work today so I need to dip out a bowl of Durwood's yummy Italian sausage soup (which recipe seems to have disappeared) for my lunch and head out--once I've triumphed over the daily crossword, that is.  Can't skip the puzzle.  Enjoy the day.  The humidity has fled for today at least and it's only supposed to hit 80.  Seems like autumn, or Autumn since I think the seasons deserve a capital letter.  Planets too, even Earth which usually gets short shrift in the capital letter department.  Toodles.  
P.S. we found yesterday's Greek Cookout a disappointment, overpriced and uninspiring.  Ah, well, can't win 'em all.

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David said...

Don't avoid Simon, Mom! Simon's stuff is both food- and dishwasher-safe. We have a pair of coffee mugs that we use all the time.