Friday, July 27, 2012

Is It Raining Where You Are?

It sure is here.  I went out to plug the fountain in and pick a few cherry tomatoes and my first pepper, once I was inside the sky opened up and rain came pounding down.  I'm sure it's leaking in the renter's basement window--again.  If it's dry on Sunday I need to go over with my chisel, wire brush, and a tube of silicone caulk and seal it up.  Just another perk of being a landlord.  Bah.  I went to walk with Skully in a mall this morning but my arthritic knee and her broken but healing toe made us quit after only 25 minutes.  We usually walk for at least an hour and do about 2 miles but with all the rain our aged bodies rebelled--and we were smart enough to listen to them, this time.  (on my way there I passed a restaurant with this on its marquee:  "I hate standing in line, pick a suspect already."  made me giggle)  Today's Photo a Day theme is "on the road."  It was raining just enough to be artistic on my drive home so I made a point of driving across the Tower Drive bridge and was lucky enough to snap a photo in between windshield wiper pulses.  Cool, huh?  Alpha Delights in DePere is having their annual Greek cookout this week so Durwood and I are going today.  Then tonight I'm riding down to Sheboygan with DS & DIL1 to eat whole live lobster (well, it'll be cooked) in a park.  It's a fundraiser, so it's eating for charity.  Doesn't count.  Neither does the yummy Greek food I'll be devouring in about an hour.  Let's just agree that today is a "diet write-off" day.  Also this afternoon I'm going to find out about the "sewing for dollars" opportunity that came my way this week.  I'll report once I know more about it.

July 27--Late Roman, Vase.

Covered in hearts
blue, green, red
blood red
throbbing, pulsating
Verdigris green hearts
earthy, coppery
symbol of life and spring
Cool blue hearts
life-giving, life-sustaining
water from stream to lake to sea
Vase from pre-history
looks modern to my eyes--
nothing changes.

Now it's time to go dig out the lobster bibs, picks & crackers, and something to carry them in, besides a grocery bag, I mean.  D'you think it'll rain all day?  I suspect that it will.  And I have to work tomorrow so Mrs. Boss can go along and divemaster so ES has a second set of eyes when he's certifying students.  It's safer that way, for all concerned.  My paycheck will be bigger too.  Yay.

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