Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not So Much

At least, not around here. We've got maybe an inch of heavy wet snow, it's windy and might snow/sleet another inch today. Farther north and west they're getting slammed with 12" or more, but it missed us. Again. The predictions are always "doom and gloom" then we get "meh." It's tiring getting all in a flap and then being disappointed, so I've decided to quit. If I wake up, open the shade and can't see the neighbor through the blowing, drifting snow I'll worry, the rest of the time I'll deal. It was pretty when I took the trash out last night. Beverly was covered with a nice layer of Snowstorm Bob, the snow crunched under my shoes, and the falling snow looked pretty in the streetlight's glow. I thought maybe I'd have to shovel before work but since they're talking about sleet or freezing rain today I'm going to leave the bit of snow on the driveway so that Beverly sticks to it when I come home from work. As much as I dislike shoveling snow, I hate chipping ice that much more. The city had trucks out spraying a salt brine on the major streets yesterday so driving to work should be pretty good once I get out of our court. I'll just take my time; I'm sure there won't be a crowd waiting for me when I arrive. I am so happy to have my laptop back from spring cleaning. It has all my bookmarks on it and the software to download audiobooks from the library (which I have to figure out how to download to my Kindle so I can put talking books on there) and I just like it. I'm used to it. Sue me, I'm old, er, mature.

February 28--Angelo Mannello, Mandolins. The music drew her out of the shadows. She had come to the small town a few days before and had kept to herself. She stayed in a small guest house and ate in a few cafes. She ordered her food and a half-bottle of wine but, except for the lady who ran her hotel, she spoke to no one.

At that point, inspiration fled (or I fell asleep) so that's all I got. Happy Leap Day! Go ask a boy to the dance.

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