Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Busy Signal, Grrrr

Today's the day for Life members of The Clearing to register for classes. Over the phone. Battling other people for space on the 5 lines. Lots of busy signals in my ear. A-a-a-a-nd I just got through so I've signed up for a Women's Writing Retreat the second week in September. Hooray. Hooray. Hooray. September seems like a long way away but it's like a little light gleaming in the distance promising a week of peace, solitude, and the company of like-minded women. Oh, and excellent meals. Ahh. I put more than half of the fees down as a deposit so I just have to save $415 to have it all paid for. That won't be hard because I put $50 per week in my stash savings cache, piece of cake because half of that's there already. Didn't want to beggar myself because I meet Lala in Sheboygan on April 5 for a long weekend and I need to pay for my room out of that. Meals and incidentals come from a deeper layer of stash that builds more slowly because it grows when I work more hours and get paid extra, for instance this week $100 will go in, next week too, but then I might not make any deposits for a couple months. It all depends on when Mrs. Boss takes off again. She has a mania for traveling so I never worry that the back stash will go broke. One of the things I love about my job is that I don't have any co-workers. It's just me and the customers whenever someone wanders in. So I can get my work done (or not some days) in peace and then knit and watch Downton Abbey episodes (I have to catch up; I'm on Season 2 episode 2) or surf the net reading blogs. Mrs. Boss doesn't mind if I watch, she's addicted too only she started watching earlier so she's caught up. Since I was too sleepy to write last night I thought I'd put on a poem I wrote about how I feel up at The Clearing.

May 24, 2009--Free Write at The Clearing, Ellison Bay, Door County, Wisconsin.

I left the crowded city of myself
shedding personas
right and left
to get a bit of peace.

The smiling extrovert
fell away first,
that weight was
a relief to lose.

The chains of know-it-all
dropped away
with a clatter.

The mother-skin
clung tightly,
left beads
of blood where it stuck.

This week I try to
burn only one candle
for my true self
who the rest of the year
gets pushed way
into the back of me.

Enjoy your day. It's drizzly here. Odd for February.

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