Sunday, February 26, 2012

Too Sleepy To Write Last Night

Reason #1 why I didn't post this morning is that I had a haircut appointment at 9:30 and I was not missing it for any blog posting responsibility. No siree bob. I was about ready to get a buzz cut because I was so tired of all that floppy brown hair. But when I brushed my hair this afternoon before we left for Family Supper I saw that I have lots more gray hairs sparkling in the dark brown. I think it looks pretty and I won't be dyeing it anytime soon. Besides when you're past 60 you need some gray hairs to give you credibility. After my haircut I drove to Walmart to get a couple zucchini for my soup and of course I had to cruise the Women's dept. where i glommed onto a pair of jeans for me. I realized when I was dressing yesterday that all of my jeans but one pair are way over 10 years old and really showing their age. The back pockets are coming adrift or have worn thin spots where they've rubbed against countless chairs, and the seams are worn in spots. A couple pair have a patch or two in unobtrusive places. Not that I'm going to toss them out or relegate them to the rag bag, but I need some jeans manufactured in this century. Some dress jeans, if you will, some jeans that hug my curves and make my backside look good, not the comfy, baggy, saggy ones I bought in the late 80s or early 90s. I'll pick up another pair in a couple weeks so I've got more than one "good" pair. Maybe I'll sort out the long-sleeved tees I ordered from Eddie Bauer about the same time. One thing that tells me, though, is that I've maintained my size pretty well over the last god knows how many years. Not good enough though, I need some style. (but I don't know what I'd do with it if I had any.) Reason #2 why I didn't post this morning is that I didn't write last night. I tried to stay up late reading a Carl Hiaasen book on my Kindle but I kept falling asleep so I gave up and turned out the light. I should post this and turn out the lights again tonight. Maybe I'll even manage to write a few words. Oh, I'm taking Kumquat (my laptop) in for her annual closet cleaning tomorrow and should get her back sometime Wednesday so posting might be sketchy this week, especially on Tuesday when I won't be at work. Fait de bon reve.

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