Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Escapade

Today I roamed the city to pick up my friends and comrades in adventure, Skully & Cookie, and drove us to Fond du Lac to visit a yarn shop that's going out of business. I found a few things, Cookie found a few things, Skully just looked and fondled. Across the street is a weaving store with lots of lovely looms and linen table linens. Oh, such gorgeous linen. I could have brought home one of each, at least, but I resisted. I will keep that shop in mind the next time I have to buy a wedding gift though. We lunched at the number one restaurant on the old peoples' hit parade, Schreiner's. I bought 2 pints of their frozen clam chowder for Durwood, he's a big fan. Then we went across the street to the mall to find a Victoria's Secret because Skully loved the body spray Cookie was wearing and kept sniffing her, so we had to get Skully her own so she'd stop it. Man, VS isn't up to its old standards. They don't have any of those pretty silk and lace negligees that a person could buy for a bride, just bright and kind of skanky undies. Too bad. I wonder where brides shop now? We stopped at the Outlet mall in Oshkosh and hit some awesome deals. We got home late in the afternoon very happy and tired. It's always fun to go with them, we go well together, and it was a gorgeous, sunny and warm day. And after supper I got to go over and feed Porter and then take her outside to play for a while. After playing we sat in the living room for half an hour, me on the floor and Porter in my lap. Excellent day all around.

February 3--Oscar de la Renta, Evening Dress. Chickens are good for lots of things--eggs, of course, and their meat. They're great for bug-eating and for scratching up every blade of grass in their yard. When I was a kid my cousin Oscar came for the summer. Mama didn't believe in treating kids like they were special so it was Oscar's job to take care of the chickens. For the first couple of days I had to show him what to do. He was afraid of the hens and nearly cried the first time one of them pecked at him.

Well, I never did get around to the feathers, did I? That evening dress was decorated with beads and feathers. It kind of grew on me.

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