Saturday, February 25, 2012

What a Difference a Day Makes

Remember that little square of green grass I showed you yesterday? (Scroll down if you missed it.) It's in hiding. Just when I think that all this blustery wintering is on the way out the wind picks up and snow falls. I've lived here for nearly my whole life, I shouldn't be fooled by a few balmy days, but it gets me every winter. At least the sun's out today. I'm working today--again. But today's the end of my 10-day string of almost daily working and I'll get my last-for-a-while super-sized paycheck on Monday. And tomorrow (tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow) I get my two-weeks-overdue haircut. I feel like a haystack looking for a pitchfork. I've been slicking it down with handfuls of gel but it springs loose and flops over my forehead so I look like an early Beatle. I guess that's better than having those mall bangs from the 80s. Cookie, Skully and I were talking about "mall bangs" last night, tight-rolled pants too. Remember pleating the bottom of your jeans and then rolling them up? Remember MC Hammer pants??? I was a grown-up in the 80s but my DS rolled his jeans when he was in middle school. Hey, I'm not throwing stones, I had bellbottom's so wide that you could camp under them and I steam ironed my hair so it'd be Ali McGraw straight in the late 60s and early 70s. Drove Mom nuts. Peace. Love. I am a dove. (Anti-war rally chant, anyone? God, we were young.)

February 24--Mark Rothko, No. 13. Grace thought it might be a flag. Leo said, "Bulgaria or maybe Chad." "Not Chad, doofus, " Grace said, "he's in sixth grade." The whole herd of them fell apart with laughter. Being on a field trip with a classroom full of fourth graders was a challenge. She never knew what would come out of their mouths and she bet they didn't either. One thing they all had was a native intelligence and an accurate bullshit meter. Every one of those kids could sense insincerity or falseness in a heartbeat.

Anybody know what I can do until Season 3 of Downton Abbey starts NEXT January? Cookie recommended that I watch it so I looked it up and watched Season 1 on Netflix. I raced through Season 2 on the PBS channel because it's only available for watching until March 6. Now I find out that the new episodes won't run until January 2013. Really, PBS? You get me hooked and then you yank it away for 10 frickin' months? You leave my beloved Mr. Bates unjustly imprisoned for life and I'm supposed to just quietly sit here? I'm going to lie down. But first I have to eat more prunes and Cheerios and then go to work. *sigh* Don't worry about me, I'll be all right.

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Aunt B said...

Check out "The World of Downton Abbey" from your library. It's a beautiful book with lots of pix and info about how the series came to be, etc. I just got it yesterday and it's helping with withdrawal pangs!