Monday, February 13, 2012

Back To The Grind

The only redeeming feature of going to work today is that it's payday. It seems like such a bother to have to be there ON TIME and nicely dressed. Not that I'm a slob but I have to make sure I stay warm enough so I pile on thicker clothes. A good thing is that every day since I started weaning off Paxil (last Wednesday) my weight has crept down and I haven't changed my habits hardly at all. The thing that galls me is that a tiny shift in caloric intake (I know it isn't stylish to count calories anymore so sue me) or PointsPlus (better?) makes a shift in my weight. I feel like I'm balanced on some sort of pinnacle and I could go either way--and I usually go the wrong way. But I eat lots of healthy food and Durwood doesn't mind making it so it's all good. I'm determined to start really getting up when the alarm goes off so I can exercise before I have to get ready for the day. Really, I am. I know Durwood doesn't believe me but really I am. Cross my heart. I like to complain, okay I admit it, I LOVE to complain but overall I'm pretty happy with myself and my life. Are you?

February 12--Alexander Gardner, Abe Lincoln. When he was a boy he yearned to read long into the night but candles were too expensive so people like him rose and slept with the sun. Think about that. In winter the sun sets before five o'clock. I can see him folded nearly in half to read by firelight. So great was his need to learn that he walked miles to school. Do you think he had shoes? Lord, I hope so. I can't imagine walking in an Illinois winter in bad shoes or no shoes.

And that's where that ramble mercifully ends. I'm off to keep the world safe from SCUBA diving. Have a day!

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