Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Don't Have to Work Today!

I wish this had a "singing" font, you know, that taunting playground singing that you do to make someone chase you. Not that this is an extra day off. No, I worked on Tuesday instead of today so it's just a different configuration of days off, but it feels extra and special because now I have 4 days off in a row. Ahhhh. Today Durwood and I will take down and fold up all the drop cloths in the basement. I also get to go play with Porter this afternoon, although Durwood said all she's been interested in doing the last two days is eat rabbit "raisins." Ick. Perhaps I'll stop and buy a new squeeky ball for us to play with. Tonight's the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild meeting (I've got my homework knitting blocked and drying in the bathroom) so I'll see some of my knitting friends there. Tomorrow Skully and I will walk, probably in the mall because it's supposed to be cold and windy, in the afternoon I get to play with Porter again, and tomorrow night's yoga and knitting. Saturday I signed up for an all-day writing workshop at the Harmony Cafe next to Goodwill. Sunday I don't have anything on the agenda. Sounds like a good weekend, doesn't it? A little bit of work and lots of play. Oh, and our renter gave her 30 day notice last night, so if you know anyone in Green Bay, WI who needs a nice place to live, send them over please!

February 8--France, Rouen, Thedosius Arrives at Ephesus. "Mama," Teenie said, tugging her mother's sleeve, "that white horse only has one back leg and it's blue." Teenie's little girl voice echoed over the priest's low Latin murmur as he wrapped up ten o'clock Mass. A rash of throat clearing and quiet giggles spread through the congregation as the organ wheezed to life with the first notes of the recessional hymn. "Shh, sweetie," Teenie's mother, Regina said, "we'll talk about the blue-legged horse when Father Martin's done helping us pray." Teenie had been quiet for most of the church service. Now that she was four years old she could color or draw to keep herself occupied, and when the sunlight lit the stained glass windows of the old church she couldn't keep her eyes off of them.

I used to love looking at the windows in church when I was a kid. I know they're expensive but churches really dropped the ball when they changed to modern almost plain decor. Where's the flamboyant and beautiful stuff that glorifies God? It also gives you something to look at if the priest is a bore. Think about it.

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vjicha said...

Re the "flamboyant stuff that glorifies God", that applies to music too. Now we get what my husband refers to as Jolly Jesus music that has little substance. Give me a little J.S. Bach any old tday.