Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Bowl Food Marinating

Actually I found this recipe in a Mardi Gras file online for Muffaletta sandwiches (I've never had one but I want to, love the name, don't you?) so I got the ingredients on my way home from the mechanic's and put the olive salad together to marinate overnight. I don't really watch the football but I think it's a good excuse to eat "special" food, plus I figure I can eat slices of it for lunches next week, and I'm taking half of it to DS & DIL1 so they can have it when they get home late from a brewfest tomorrow night or on Sunday, but (shhhh) don't tell them, 'k? Durwood wants to make either bbq pork riblets or Japanese chicken wings, he's more into finger food than a sandwich. I want to make some pesto today too. I spent too much on fresh basil at the grocery and figure I'll make a half batch. Doesn't pesto just sound like summer? I'm in the mood for a piece of summer right about now. They discovered that the lock switch in the drivers' door was faulty in my car and that's why it was still going haywire. That got fixed today so I should be good for a while. Monday the plumber will be here to fix the main shutoff and on Tuesday the basement fixit people will be here. I can hear you saying "already??" I know, we're surprised at it too but it'll get done quickly and with a lifetime guarantee. All that's left on our list are new gutters with leaf helmets, so we'll get a few estimates and get that done too. We are efficient and I'm determined to get this stuff done in good time. I hate having stuff hanging over our heads waiting to be done. I figure if you hurry up and get all your stuff done, then you can goof off the rest of the time. At least that's my plan.

February 2--Johann Christian Schleip, Lyraflugel. There was a hum, not loud, but I heard it clearly. I walked around the old house listening for the source. I found it in the living room or the parlor or whatever you call the main room in one of those big old houses. The thing looked like the love-child of a harp and a piano. I don't know what it's called or how you play it but it was humming like it was vibrating. There wasn't a storm so it couldn't be be reacting to thunder's vibrations. We weren't having an earthquake, not one I could feel anyway. Where had Lenny gotten to? I called out to him but got no answer.

I'm off to do a bit of that goofing off I was talking about. Durwood's taking a nap so his TV is off. It's quiet in here so I'm going to go and sit on the couch. Maybe I'll doze off myself.

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