Saturday, February 18, 2012

Snow & A Tattoo

Don't worry, not mine, my friend Skully got a tattoo for her birthday. I'm not a tattoo girl. It was barely snowing when I got home from knitting and watching Skully get her tattoo last night and everything was covered with snow when I opened the curtains this morning. Isn't it pretty? It didn't last though, by the time I left work at 4 o'clock and went to feed Porter and let her out to potty. We played with the squeaky ball for about 40 minutes running up and down the yard. I'm surprised that I can still run, but I can. Amazing what an old broad can do with a bit of focus. Today at work the computer took over 10 minutes for Word to log on, then when I typed a word it took nearly 3 minutes for it to appear. I gave up, turned the #%$*& thing off, booted it back up, about half a dozen times. It started to work around five to four. Of course. I was going to post but it would have taken all day to type a sentence. Gah.

February 17--Japanese, Theater Coat. Suni like to work in the bamboo groves with Mr. Lo. The canes were thin and supple, the color of the finest jade, and the long, thin leaves whispered in the breezes. If the air was very still she could hear the stretch of the bamboo as it grew. She rememvered the pains in her legs one summer as she grew fast. The pain made her cry in her sleep. She would wake in the dark sure that a beast was gnawing at her legs. Her mother would come in and lie down beside her, stroking her hair and telling her that these growing pains meant that she would grow tall and beautiful. Today the wind blew strong so that the leaves sounded like hands clapping. She turned her back to the wind and dug her cultivator into the soft earth so that the bamboo could breathe.

Now I'm hungry and there's some yummy leftover spinach lasagna calling my name. Sayonara.

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